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Wow - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing!

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thequietone Fri 29-Jun-12 18:31:41

Well I never...

Cheriefroufrou Tue 03-Jul-12 11:48:20

I feel sorry for her as an individual, but not sure that makes her the most stable home. Lots of reports of her taking her daughter out till all hours of the evening and treating her like her best/only friend rather than her daugher. IMO its very hard for a child to be in a relationship like that with a parent, and its GROSS to watch (I've seen it on holiday, the only 5* holiday I ever went on had women taking their children out in the evenings as their dates/plus ones)

course that's just an angle in the press, it might have been once, it might be regular, but if its a regular dynamic then its not necesssarily the best place for the child is it? A more stable father/daughter/other siblings home might be better??

dunno! in terms of the relationship TC is the baddie and KH is the one deserving of sympathy but I don't think that ALWAYS translates to her being the best one for majority custody???

Cheriefroufrou Tue 03-Jul-12 11:49:58

(I also say that as someone whose mother had blurry boundaries and sometimes expected me to be an equal like a friend/sibling rather than her being the parent and me being the child, I was way way happier and more secure at my dads house, he was always the parent! )

boredandrestless Tue 03-Jul-12 12:10:16

Isn't all the treating the child as an adult, child choosing her clothes, food, bedtime, etc a Scientology thing. Something he has led rather than her?

Cheriefroufrou Thu 05-Jul-12 18:35:08

I have no idea, was just trying to say that the "victim" in a relationship breakdown isn't automatically the best parent, and the "villan" in terms of the relatinship break isn't necessarily the worst of the two in terms of getting custody of the children and giving them a stable home

I feel very sorry for her in terms of the relationship, he seems like a HORRIBLE husband, but I wont speculate about which one would give the happiest most stable home to the child based on that

perceptionreality Thu 05-Jul-12 19:12:04

Cheriefrou - but although that was your experience (and I can appreciate you felt that way) there are some children who might be happy having a less conventinal relationship with their parents.

You can't possibly judge someone's parenting based upon pictures from the Daily Mail for example. And even if the child is out quite late at night, so what? I think KH takes her for ice cream? Not that unusual..........I'd be more concerned about a parent who wanted to raise a child according to scientology tbh. As I said on another thread my dp was a scientologist and attributes it to his recovery from drug addicition but it still sounds very scary to me, particularly the locked in organisations in the US.

Cheriefroufrou Thu 05-Jul-12 19:26:32

"You can't possibly judge someone's parenting based upon pictures from the Daily Mail for exampl"

I'm actually saying that we shouldn't judge EITHER of their parenting based on our opinions of their marriage

he is obviously the media baddie in the break up, that doesn't mean that she would necessarily be the best parent custody wise, we don't know which one would!

Cheriefroufrou Thu 05-Jul-12 19:27:02

and if she does end up mostly with KH, she will be mostly away from her siblings, which I think is a consideration

perceptionreality Thu 05-Jul-12 19:43:08

Yes but we do know he's heavily into scientology and she's not. I think that's the crux of the issue.

amandine07 Mon 16-Jul-12 11:12:36

I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did...I remember when they first got it together, there was talk of KH signing up to some sort of 'contract' for the marriage (pre-nup anyone...?).

I remember, back in 2005 KH had been engaged to that actor from American Pie for ages, can't remember his name...suddenly she pops up with TC, engaged 5 mins later, KH with a gormless look on her face saying how utterly "Ah-mazing" everything was...seemed more like she'd had a lobotomy.

I still remember Dawson's Creek very well, the actors were all around my age, playing characters much younger. All those ernest speeches they used to give to each other LOL.

KH was gorgeous as Joey, although in RL came over as quite insipid and a bit too child-like. I remember thinking Michelle Williams came across as much more savvy and grown-up beyond her years.

Apologies, gone OT on a DC nostalgic trip!

itsjustmeanon Wed 25-Jul-12 17:34:46

I've got nothing to add to this thread, but loved reading it. I so think TC and GC are gay.

Boggler Wed 25-Jul-12 17:37:01

Ok itsjustmeanon who's GC? I can't think of anyone..

itsjustmeanon Wed 25-Jul-12 17:44:22

George Clooney.

Boggler Wed 25-Jul-12 17:45:42

Oh no not George! He can't be - but hey what do I know :-)

nellypackedhertrunk Sat 28-Jul-12 23:30:06

I heard some juicy gossip today (totally unsubstantiated tho) that TC has been at Pinewood studios this week and auditioned a British actress to be his wife - she thought it was a film role but turned out to be the role of his wife in real life.

Not sure if TC is even in England at the moment and I can't believe this could happen again but just putting my twopennyworth in.

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