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The Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Society: we're starting to feel the Cabin Pressure!

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CaveMum Fri 15-Jun-12 18:27:46

Right, I've taken the plunge!

Get those catwalk pics in here quick!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sat 13-Oct-12 15:27:49

Don't panic! New thread here

FrankelSaysRelax Sat 13-Oct-12 09:41:58

How cute is this picture?!

Where's the new thread? We're going to be homeless any moment!

FrankelSaysRelax Fri 12-Oct-12 22:06:03

Here's the post in full:

"I’m not even kidding. we were sitting next to 2 seats that said “reserved” but no one was sitting in them during the first 3 episodes. then halfway through the 4th episode 2 people came semi-running in, giggling and it was a really intense scene so I was pretty annoyed with people being so childish. 15min later I turn my head and… it’s benedict who’s sitting next to me. does the universe love me or not? :D

aside from that, the whole thing was awesome! met some cool people and afterwards had a nice chat with benedict (who started up a conversation spontaneously). he’d never seen it before himself and afterwards he thanked me for staying for the full 4 hours. such a top lad!

although, I gotta tell you, it’s pretty awkward when you’re watching a sex scene and one of the actors is sitting next to you."

envy x 1,000,000,000,000,000

megcleary Fri 12-Oct-12 21:40:46

Huff grump and major jealous tantrum

FrankelSaysRelax Fri 12-Oct-12 21:35:52

meg it's a tumblr post from someone who was at the Ghent Parade's End launch and found herself sitting next to 2 seats marked "reserved". Halfway through the screening two giggly young men sat down - one of them was BC envy

megcleary Fri 12-Oct-12 21:27:58

Frankel that links not working and I am ready to jealous smile

LetUsPrey Fri 12-Oct-12 16:32:32

Photoshoot from Ghent

And some more

I have no words

FrankelSaysRelax Fri 12-Oct-12 09:41:39

am very, very jealous

LetUsPrey Thu 11-Oct-12 21:33:13

I got that email too!

envy Frankel

Brace yourself

FrankelSaysRelax Thu 11-Oct-12 20:58:17

Well ladies, today I had to go to a conference and guess who I was sat next to for about 2 minutes? Nick Luck, Channel 4 Racing presenter and school-chum of BC grin

Non-BC-related Cabin Pressure post!

I subscribed to John Finnemore's newsletter thing for Cabin Pressure. Here's what just arrived in my inbox:


Thanks for signing up, and sorry about all the cloak and dagger stuff, but I want to keep this quite low-key and only findable by people who might really be interested.

As you may know, over the summer I did a series of try-outs of material for my radio sketch show in a nice pub in Kilburn. I found this so helpful as a way of finding out what worked and what didn't - and also such fun to do - I've decided to do the same thing with this series of Cabin Pressure.

So, at 8pm on Mondays the 22nd October, 5th November and 19th November, I and a cast of my friends will perform work-in-progress versions of the new scripts for series four at the Priory Tavern, London, NW6 4BT. I will also do a short Q and A after each one. If you would like to come, please reserve a ticket (£7, payable on the door) here:

A few things to bear in mind. 1) These are works in progress, which means there will be bits that need more progress before they'll work! 2) I know you're not the sort of people who would ever post spoilers anyway, but obviously details of the plots are particularly secret at this stage. 3) I will be playing Arthur, but none of the rest of the radio cast will be there.

Having said all that, if the Priory Engagements are anything to go by, it'll be really fun. And if you're lucky, you might get to see the pub kitten."

I obviously won't be able to go, but in case any of you are local to London...I'm sure this would be loads of fun. Judging by humour, I find Finnemore so cute. (Just can't quite imagine tearing off his clothes, though. Should probably keep that list rather short.) Happy Thursday, all!

Squeeee indeed! That would be the best 40th birthday present...

I managed to turn one of my American friends on to Cabin Pressure. She has begun quoting it on her Facebook page. It's so funny to "see" the strange looks, because most people have NO idea what she's talking about. ("Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking, just to inform you there is absolutely nothing to worry about.")

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 10-Oct-12 22:05:57

Confirmation of my last post, plus a new Douglas/Martin picture (well, I've not seen it before) grin

LetUsPrey Wed 10-Oct-12 22:01:19


I love that redbubble site. I think I'll have some Cabin Pressure goodies for Christmas. Could get some for DS1 too. We were listening to Gdansk in the car on Monday. "Don't forget Lusty" grin

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 10-Oct-12 21:53:19

Clear your diaries!!!!!!!!!

Someone please go hide my wallet. Or else I will be poor very, very soon.

LetUsPrey Wed 10-Oct-12 19:31:38

And chemistry. And French. I'll stop now. grin

I've already donated. I'll have a personal visit instead of a photo pleaseandthanks.

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 10-Oct-12 19:03:32

There's no speaking on that video, just music.

Apparently Adam Ackland has tweeted that if he gets donations of £4,000 there will be Lycra photos grin

LetUsPrey Wed 10-Oct-12 18:52:31

Looking forward to watching that video with the sound ongrin

One of my nephews is studying astrophysics <ignores fact quantum physics probably quite different>

I could get him to explain that stuff to BC. I'd have to be there of course, and afterwards I could give BC a biology lesson wink

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 10-Oct-12 17:41:41

Ahem, "Sqqquuuueeeee"

That is all grin

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 10-Oct-12 16:40:37

Oooooh! From Twitter:

Jim Al-Khalili &#8207;@jimalkhalili

Fun hour this pm explaining Quantum physics to Benedict Cumberbatch (he's playing Heisenberg in Radio 3 production of Frayn's Copenhagen).

FrankelSaysRelax Wed 10-Oct-12 08:45:53

We need more!!!!

LetUsPrey Tue 09-Oct-12 22:55:25



FrankelSaysRelax Tue 09-Oct-12 21:29:40

Cumberbatchweb have transcribed part of the Cheltenham Literary Festival talk

LetUsPrey Tue 09-Oct-12 20:20:55

Hurrah for the safe and timely arrival of Parade's End!

Do you think he'll wear one of the cycling onesies a la Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins? You know, the ones that unzip at the neck and have quite a low, open neck when unfastened? <fans self> I seem to be feeling a bit warm ...

I've donated to BC's Palace to Palace bike ride for The Prince's Trust. So, that's the birthday Teenage Cancer Trust and the Palace to Palace bike ride. To be honest, I think that merits more than an email by way of a thank you. I'd say a personal visit at the very least. Mmhmm, very personal grinwink

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