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The Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Society: we're starting to feel the Cabin Pressure!

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CaveMum Fri 15-Jun-12 18:27:46

Right, I've taken the plunge!

Get those catwalk pics in here quick!

CaveMum Sun 17-Jun-12 22:00:04

Seems to just be me and you these last 24hours Prey!

Yes, there is definite ginger-ness in that picture, do we think Gingerbatch is finally back?!

LetUsPrey Sun 17-Jun-12 22:04:37

I know! More for us though wink

And yes, it would seem that Gingerbatch is back grin

CaveMum Mon 18-Jun-12 07:15:54

More pictures from last night

It appears GingerBatch may have been a trick of the light sad

I think the first picture is a Pout-Off! Winner - Cumberbatch!

LetUsPrey Mon 18-Jun-12 07:33:50

I think you're right CaveMum. The light was playing tricks. Still gorgeous though grin And that mouth ....

Good afternoon, ladies,

Oh, I've been here, it's just been hard to ogle (and post) when DH and DS1 and DS2 are hanging around. Tomorrow's my day off so I can get fill...

LetUsPrey Mon 18-Jun-12 19:13:46

I'm just hot Benedict you have no idea grin

CaveMum Mon 18-Jun-12 19:42:19

Sweet baby Jesus!


sloppygirl Mon 18-Jun-12 19:47:21

Just seen Frankenstein..BC as creature..bloody brilliant.I so wish I had seen proper production,but this was fantastic..I went alone, and there was a mixed audience, ages and sexes..I forgot my broken hand and just drifted off..I know he looks bad in it, but you can see him through the makeup, and he uses his body so effectivley..( drifts off...) kept thinking about his line as a 'Fucking fantastic lover..' and fact he swears a lot, and sounds so gorgeous when he does..I have issues..! Am I wrong to find all this a huge turn on..??!!

CaveMum Mon 18-Jun-12 20:16:01

Inspired by you sloppy I've just booked tickets to see Frankenstein (BC as creature) on my own on Thursday. I though my local venue was sold out, but I found another one nearby grin

I was about to pass CaveMum my smelling salts, and then I watched the video. I think I'm going to need an intervention soon.

CaveMum Mon 18-Jun-12 21:21:37

According to Twitter, BC is at the Amaing Spiderman premiere.

I'm still clinging on to the vain hope that he'll be at Ascot tomorrow [deluded]

LetUsPrey Mon 18-Jun-12 21:57:27

I must email my little sister about Ascot, find out what day she's going.

I'm seeing Frankenstein on Thursday with JLM as the Creature. I really want to see BC as the Creature too, particularly given the clips I've seen. Probably a bad idea given that I'm feeling slightly hormonally teary so BC as the Creature would push me over the edge into sobbing wreck territory.

yellowraincoat Mon 18-Jun-12 21:58:54

I saw Cumberbatch at a party at the weekend. I don't find him in any way attractive and even less so in the flesh.

CaveMum Mon 18-Jun-12 22:19:26

All the more for us then!

sloppygirl Tue 19-Jun-12 01:03:00

Enjoy CaveMum..well done on getting ticket.
Prey..he is very good as Frankenstein..i saw that version with a girlfriend last week..I had to control myself ofcourse, as she does not share my addiction, but it was wonderful ..

CaveMum Tue 19-Jun-12 06:45:52


Sherlock won best mini series and BC got best actor in a mini series at last night's (US) Critics Choice Awards grin

Also curly-batch is back. Bad BC for wearing brown shoes with a black suit hmm

Bigger is better!

Does anyone know his shoe size? I could sail to America in those things.

LetUsPrey Tue 19-Jun-12 21:51:37

I've said it before and I'll say it again, he does have quite large feet grin

Hurrah for the return of the curls! Now if he can just get it back to being that beautiful ginger colour ...

LetUsPrey Tue 19-Jun-12 23:47:47


Double sigh

LetUsPrey Wed 20-Jun-12 21:00:28

Ooh look do I get BC all to myself?

I can admire this alone (until BC gets here)

Popular information is that he takes a size 11 shoe.

CaveMum Wed 20-Jun-12 21:06:50

I'm here! [beats Prey off with a large stick] wink

Had a busy few days! No sign of BC at Royal Ascot - boo! I've put a pic of me in my posh frock on my profile, I was convinced BC would see me and fall at my feet wink

The things this picture is doing to me right now......

CaveMum Wed 20-Jun-12 21:08:15

BTW, I do realise you've already put it up Prey (blush) but I thought it was deserving of another post wink

LetUsPrey Wed 20-Jun-12 21:19:00

Thought saying I'd have him to myself would prompt a response grin

I love this from Steven Moffat.

LetUsPrey Wed 20-Jun-12 22:26:27

Love your dress CaveMum! You look gorgeous! Where's the dress from?

CaveMum Wed 20-Jun-12 22:28:57

grin Thanks blush
It's from LK Bennett - here, though they don't do it in the pink anymore.

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