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The Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Society: we're starting to feel the Cabin Pressure!

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CaveMum Fri 15-Jun-12 18:27:46

Right, I've taken the plunge!

Get those catwalk pics in here quick!

LetUsPrey Fri 15-Jun-12 23:54:12

I've not watched the clips. Just in and swaying sitting on the landing before going to bed.

TheAddict - this too shall pass this too shall pass this too shall pass ... Ah fuck it, have a hug.

And GreenCard what do you mean too tall? Nope, no such thing for BC. At 5'11" I'm just right for him.

I'm going to sleep now.

<ponders whether to stay on landing or try for the bed>

By "too tall" I mean that he himself remarked that she was towering over him in her heels.

Then again, a dear friend always said that when you're horizontal, height doesn't matter. Love. Him.

Hope you were able to make the bed!!

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 07:25:50

BC remarked in the video that the model who accompanied him towered over him. She must have been 6ft (same as BC) without heels!

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 08:17:34

Morning. How uncomfortable did he look? Bless smile

And the Hat Benedict. What was the meaning of the Hat?

See the point about the height of the model. Benedict I promise not to wear my heels unless you want me to. Besides, for what I've got planned for us, neither of us will need shoes grin

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 09:57:21

Pictures from the after party:

Suited batch is back

And here

My, he has big feet wink

Backstage, the braces are back!

Is this the only outfit he has at the moment?!

Oh to be the make up lady

A cheeky smile for the camera

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 10:03:39

He is just edible isn't he? grin

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 10:59:03

Article about BC in Star Trek 2

"Are you going to be scared of him? Shit, yeah!" <squeeeeeeeee>

TheAddict Sat 16-Jun-12 15:16:16

Minimus now sober. Was apprehended by police because he was lurching around amongst moving traffic on bypass - no charge, could have been much worse.

Minimus wants to live with his Dad (unfortunately the feeling is not mutual). Have told him to phone his Dad this evening and see what he says. Disaster will ensue.

Have told him that he still - and will always have - a home here, but that we need groundrules for everyone to stick to. He's 18 next week, for God's sake.

Trouble with M is that he hates everybody; his Dad for leaving; me for numerous reasons; Primus because he's gay and has a different Dad to M; Secundus because - well, because; Tertius because he's not blood family. And most importantly - and this is the bit where I could just howl, because clearly I have failed my youngest and most vulnerable son - he hates himself.

I have told OH that whatever happens, M is my son and that is where my priority must lie. M was in the room at the time - all the family were - and SO (who for some reason M stands in awe of) explained to M that I had made a Big Sacrifice for him.

Tertius, SO and Minimus have gone down pub (soft drinks only for M) to do a bit of 'hey, we're no relation to each other, we're just mates out down the pub' time. Primus is doing something fanciful in kitchen for tea. Secundus nowhere to be seen.

Have suddenly realised that Minimus has never, ever told me that he loves me. And he may be a despicable, filthy, ill-mannered little yob but he is my son and I would kill anyone who did anything to upset him.

Sorry about the rant.

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 15:26:01

Oh Addict I am sorry you are having such a tough time. I can't offer you any advice as I'm still childless, but hope that things settle down soon.

Is Minimus at college/school? My younger brother had a run in with the law a number of years ago, he's a good kid but just got himself into a mess. He got signed up to a course with the Princes Trust which was partially about building self esteem and partially about helping others. Could you pack him off on something similar, or one of those overseas gap year things? Building a school in the middle of nowhere might help put life into perspective, and get him away from any bad influences.

Have some Blue Suit Batch to relieve the tension.

TheAddict Sat 16-Jun-12 15:50:46

Mmmmm - bluesuitbatch....

Minimus is at local college on brickwork course. I'm too frightened to let him go off by himself for a year - God only knows what he might get up to.

If he could be bothered to use his brains, he's highly intelligent. I'm considering trying to negotiate with him that, if he finishes the college course and behaves himself for the next year, I will fund him through university (I managed to out enough money away for all four to do this) but this will depend on him playing the game by my rules.

The 'mates together down the pub' seems to have gone reasonably well: at least they all came back together, sober and sniggering about Something Mum Is Not Supposed To Know About. Just hope SO has not told Minimus about my BC-fixation.

Think I'm going to have to have a heart-to-heart with SO and see if he's got any ideas: he's about the only person Minimus doesn't seem to actively hate.

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 17:12:52

Nothing useful to add TheAddict sad. My eldest is only 10.

What other kind of Batch can we attempt to cheer you with? Our searches will be thorough [selfless]

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 17:20:06

How about this?

And for CaveMum and me The other drink he's holding is for me <deluded>

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 17:36:43

I hope someone out there is running a "What are you wearing Matt" Tumblr!

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 17:47:22

grin I think that would also be a busy blog

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 18:30:10

shock It appears BC may read WAYWB!

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 19:11:09

I was just reading that CaveMum! I wonder if he read my comment about my eyes being drawn to his, ahem, trouser area? grin

CaveMum Sat 16-Jun-12 20:03:28

Full video from GQ. Haven't watched it yet as it is in Flash Player and I'm on my iPad.

LetUsPrey Sat 16-Jun-12 20:57:13

CaveMum - don't get too excited about watching it. There's lots of admittedly very pretty young men wearing some amazingly fabulous suits envy, but BC is on for about two or three seconds near the end.

Incidentally, went to the hairdressers this afternoon. One of the songs that came on whilst I was having my hair washed was the Florence and the Machine "No Light No Light" which reminded me of this. Which was nice.

And whilst I was looking for that, I came across this which makes me want to watch The Reichenbach Fall all over again. grin

CaveMum Sun 17-Jun-12 17:27:13

Squeee! If Spencer Hart's Twitter is to be believed, BC is in the store getting kitted out for the GQ dinner tonight. They've promised to tweet a picture soon.

Is it too much to hope he might appear at Royal Ascot next week? I fancy seeing him in morning dress, plus I'm there on Tuesday!

LetUsPrey Sun 17-Jun-12 17:34:32

My little sister's going to Ascot next week too. She is already under strict instruction that should she be aware that she might ever meet BC during the course of her work, she is to contact me immediately. I shall email her to tell her that on the off-chance BC puts in an appearance at Ascot and on the even bigger off-chance she meets him, she must squeeze me into the conversation somehow. I wonder if he could be persuaded to be recorded saying my name?

<realises getting a bit carried away>

Will keep an eye on Twitter.

Just watched The Reichenbach Fall again. "Don't. Be. Dead." <sob sob sob>

LetUsPrey Sun 17-Jun-12 18:02:51

Spencer Hart just tweeted that they're uploading something in a short while. They'd better be quick. DH and the DC will be home soon and I'll have to log off and actually do stuff.

CaveMum Sun 17-Jun-12 18:39:48

This is rather sweet, apart from the hat!

LetUsPrey Sun 17-Jun-12 18:52:02

I love those trousers sooo much. They fit very nicely wink. And you just know he's wearing the braces too.

Ditch the hat though.

CaveMum Sun 17-Jun-12 20:17:53


BC playing at being a mannequin this evening


LetUsPrey Sun 17-Jun-12 21:02:27

Been able to sneak away to check Twitter and was just going to post that link!

I really try not to swear on this thread (don't know why) but he looks absolutely fucking gorgeous in that picture! And the hair, fuck me (in for a penny in for a pound), the hair. grin

Oh to be a window dresser. Think of all the different positions ....

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