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Liz and Shane- will they last?

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saffronwblue Sun 16-Oct-11 03:21:11

I'm sorry to say I have a horrified fascination with this couple. In Australia we have been subject to coverage of many of Shane's infidelities and indiscretions. I just can't imagine what they talk about as they seem to be two of the most vacuous people to walk the planet.
What do you think will happen?
1. He will be unfaithful
2. She will find someone richer.
3. One of them will get bored with talking about their looks all day long.
4. They will live hapily ever after.

LouRoucas Sun 16-Oct-11 12:08:17

They wont get married!

mycatsaysach Sun 16-Oct-11 12:32:51

all of the above - apart from 4.

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