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Autumn Phiillips pregnant again.

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Moulesfrites Sat 15-Oct-11 19:46:49

Her dd, at 9.5m ish is only a month older than my ds, and the thought of having another one on the way is terrifying tbh! Do people actually plan such small age gaps? I know there are benefits but I always assumed a small gap would be accidental?

Anyway, congrats to her!

LouRoucas Sat 15-Oct-11 20:08:08

There are only 10.5 months between by dh and my SIL! Twins for some of the year!

RitaMorgan Sat 15-Oct-11 20:11:00

I know someone who had 3 planned with about 16 months between each - she had a full time live-in nanny though, and wanted to disrupt her career as little as possible by having them all in go.

sweetkitty Sat 15-Oct-11 20:13:42

I have 18 months between my first two, should have had 2 years between 2 and 3 but had a mc so there's 2 1/2 years between 2 and 3 and 22 months between 3 and four! Not as bad as some there's a mum at school with 5 oldest was just turned 5 when youngest was born think there's about a year between each!

orienteerer Sat 15-Oct-11 20:54:42

A friend has 6 dc all under age 11

1944girl Sun 16-Oct-11 00:03:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SucksToBeMe Sun 16-Oct-11 02:04:29

I met Autumn before she was married. She was pushy, rude and very focused on her career. If any one would cope, it would be her!

noseybitch Sun 16-Oct-11 02:26:38

Oh, more gossip pleeeaase, Sucks.....! Did you meet her through work? In what way was she the above adjectives?

BarryKent Sun 16-Oct-11 02:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SucksToBeMe Sun 16-Oct-11 03:05:27

She had some horses and kept them at our stables. She wasn't too bad really just a bit self centered,demanding and wouldn't speak to anybody who wasn't important.

She was...ahem..... very close to our vet. Who was rich, obese and in his mid 60's!!! We couldn't believe it when she bagged Peter!!

noseybitch Sun 16-Oct-11 15:01:09

Wow, thanks! Cheered me up no end now I can't buy my News of the World anymore grin

SucksToBeMe Sun 16-Oct-11 15:37:49


oohlaalaa Mon 17-Oct-11 09:24:27

hehehe. I'm so glad I clicked on this thread, I love a bit of royal gossip.

birdofthenorth Mon 17-Oct-11 19:58:49

I'm 6 weeks pg & my DD is 13 mo, 'twas very much planned! Had been ttc for a couple of months. Was broody again almost immediately after DD1 was born!!!

PattySimcox Sat 22-Oct-11 10:17:37

Me too oohlaalaa

Northernlurker Sat 22-Oct-11 10:20:54

She'll have two under two - so do a lot of people. Personally I think they're mad! I have friends expecting their second on a similar timescale though and they seem really chuffed (loons!)

It does mean they're providing a Diamond Jubilee Baby for the Queen too. Of course there is still time for Kate and Wills to get in on that act as well. I expect that would really, really piss Autumn off grin

Happydogsaddog Sun 23-Oct-11 20:21:34

My oldest was still 1 when my third was born (work that out) albeit for barely a week but I love their close age gaps, its easier all round as they're growing up. People with one child have tunnel vision and think it will be double the effort when its not at all

Northernlurker Mon 24-Oct-11 10:51:29


SummerRain Mon 24-Oct-11 10:59:24

My cousin has 2.5 years between eldest and youngest... 3 kids.

I have exactly 4 years between my eldest and youngest, 3 kids as well. 18 months between dd and ds1 and 2.5 years between the boys... I would have preferred a smaller gap but dp took a while to warm to the idea of 3 grin

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