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Daily Mail v. Madonna

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mrszimmerman Fri 07-Oct-11 12:25:16

Now I'm NOT defending looking at the DM online...... I'm NOT.
But when I very occasionally do... they do have good sleb nonsense and it diverts me from some of the present horrors of my life....
When I do look I can't believe how they seem to hate Madonna so much and pick on her every minuscule aspect of her physical appearance.
I've never been a fan but I'm starting to feel almost like defending her.
I mean, sure, it's easy to ridicule her for the surgery, the toy boys and the terrible movies BUT she's in the public eye and so many women struggle to stop themselves conforming to the fascism of cosmetic surgery.
I dunno I think the DM is actually the organ of the devil.
The way it goes too fat, too thin, too much surgery, etc etc
I think someone should find photos of all the DM journos and put them online with their own headlines next to them, TOO FAT! AGING! SCRAWNY NECK! LOVE HANDLES! LOOK NO MAKE UP YUCK! EWWW, SWEATY POST GYM! FAT ARSE! OLD HANDS! WOMEN LOOKING OVER 25! CALL THE POLICE!

OneHandFlapping Fri 07-Oct-11 12:30:46


I saw those picture of Madonna, and thought she looked great. Long may she go on sticking two fingers up at the likes of the DM.

mrszimmerman Fri 07-Oct-11 12:33:45

why are they so misogynistic?
Does anyone know who these journos are?
Are they all beautiful, 25, ageless, physically perfect?

Snorbs Fri 07-Oct-11 13:12:39

Why are they so misogynistic? Because they write for their audience. Well, audience^s^.

There are those who read the Mail because they more-or-less agree with its slant on life. And there are those who read the Mail - or, at least, go on the Mail's website - to point the finger at how rubbish and horrible the Mail is.

Either way, the Mail doesn't care. Its web counter goes up by one regardless of whether the person looking at the page likes or hates what it's saying. And its advertising rate card is based on how many people look at its site.

mrszimmerman Fri 07-Oct-11 14:46:56

I still think someone should do a massive feature on the journos that write these articles exposing their AGING and bad looks!

But hear hear to what you say, I hang my head and am ashamed of myself!

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