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The White Boar's Head: Student Union Bar at the University of Milton North

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DumSpiroSpero Wed 28-Sep-11 23:09:56

Student discounts available on all varieties of Chateau Gisborne and Polish Cordial.

SupermassiveLBD Wed 28-Sep-11 23:13:01

Inspired choice there, Spiro! Convivial with appropriately historical overtones

DumSpiroSpero Wed 28-Sep-11 23:16:58

Indeed, Massive. Bottoms up!

Russianpony Wed 28-Sep-11 23:20:23

Link to new thread didn't work on my phone so u thought I'd look in active and was intrigued by the coincidence of a White boar title!!!grin. Then I opened it and found you all!! Im really very stupid sometimes?!!

But I'm still starving - got any nibbles?!

I love him reading that poem Spiro! Will definitely give it another couple of hundred listen tomorrow.

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 06:48:28

Lovely new premises, LadyD! Very well done!

Will catch up later but just to say.... my confession is up smile It has a very lovely picture with it too smile

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 07:25:25

GAH!!! RUSSIANPONY!!! I am so, SO sorry about your missing codeword!!! blush STOOPID TWIGS!!! I know this is going to sound like a porky-pie but I honestly, honestly did think of yours first, as that was the whole point of it. Then I thought of all the others afterwards but got distracted and forgot to type your original one in. So sorry. Do you still wuv me?

Anyway. Alpha One, should you find yourself compromised in Operation Canter then Redflash the Academy and use code word blueeyes. Over and out.

LadyDamerel Thu 29-Sep-11 08:06:51

I knew ths was you, Twigs grin. I linked to it at the end of the old thread. Mine is too if you missed me confessing last night. 

Russianpony Thu 29-Sep-11 08:08:51

Blueeyesgrin love it!! And I still wuv you!

Well I'll have to code red flash you immediately as the colonel is mighty grumpy with me for spending time in the academy last night after book club. He's accusing me of having affair with RAshock --I wish!!--wink

Will have to keep a low profile and limit contact for a while - but feel I may find it hard!sad

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 08:13:59

I ROFL'd at your confessions, LadyD grin

Aw, sorry about the colonel, RP sad I do feel bad about the amount of time I spend on here too but, for me at least, it's not about RA, it's about the giggles we have. Of course the pretty illustRAtions are a bonus smile

Russianpony Thu 29-Sep-11 08:26:41

Me too twigs. I come here for company as I don't really know anyone round here and as you've probably realised I like to talk I'd give LK a run for her money any day!!

I certainly don't watch his incarnations all day every day. Ah well, just I've to keep evening visits to a minimum for a while and maybe do my chores first before sitting down with you all!!

He hasn't told me to stop and although I do like a commandeering man I'll do what I like thank you very much but he doesn't want it to take over or be obsessive! Seems reasonable I guess!! What do your other halts think? Do they even know? What do they think you're doing if they don't know?? [ nosy enquiring emoticon]grin

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 09:11:13

Crappy morning, now plumber is here. I've just finished cleaning his shoe marks off the brand new carpet from last time he was here, this time I asked him to take his shoes off and he did, but there is whacking great green stain on the floor from something else he's done. This carpet is only a matter of weeks old and it's already ruined <wails> What am I going to do?! Better start a thread in Good Housekeeping, I guess. So I am running here to my happy place.

RP, I'm the same - don't have any friends round here, really or anywhere else so it's just lovely to have a natter and a giggle. My DH knows about you all and knows that I'm on here when I'm on the laptop. He calls you all my Pretend Friends smile He says he doesn't mind me MNing but then nothing ever really seems to bother him, he's Mr Laid Back. As opposed to Mr Laid Back

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 09:34:07

Panic over - stain is gone grin

He almost let the rabbit run out of the front door too (asked him to keep front door closed and he didn't) so it could've been worse! wish the rabbit would run away actually

Russianpony Thu 29-Sep-11 10:05:08

Phew about the stain!!! I hate sometimes how inconsiderate workmen can be (although to be fair most are great!). We have a contract company who comes and deals with all our house problems/issues including repainting etc if there has been serious damage by the previous tenant (previous tenant has to pay for the work obviously), but as the workmen know these aren't our houses they don't seem to have any care in the world and I'm pretty sure that they just put magnolia paint in a sprinkler put in the middle of the room and switch it on and leave for a couple of hours!!grin. There is paint everywhere and not very much actually on the walls!!! Seems a shame as these houses would probably be very nice if actually maintained properly!

Anyway, I've hoovered, cleaned the kitchen, put a wash on, sorted out the kids crockery cupboard and walked the dog and now I'm off out to toddlers with minicolt, so I've been a good girl so far!!! --It might actually be easier if I just dyson-ed the hound directly rather than wait til my really horrid blue-shows-up-everything carpets turn white every time the dog shakes at the moment!!]

So off out in the sunshine in my white T-shirt I go!

Russianpony Thu 29-Sep-11 10:05:57

I'm so rubbish at crossing out!

LadyDamerel Thu 29-Sep-11 10:19:27

LordD knows I MN (it's been 6 years since I discovered it so it's a well ingrained addiction habit) but I don't know how much exactly he knows about the Academy as I rarely go anywhere else now. He doesn't appear to mind - his usual remark is "Talking to your hairy handed trucker mates again?" shock [cheeky blighter]

Phew about the stain, Twigs. Wretched workmen.

Right, having already wasted an hour in the local coffee shop dissecting Saturday's party I really must crack on with MistressD's birthday cake.


LadyDamerel Thu 29-Sep-11 10:21:04

This is the first confession that comes up when I open that site via my bookmarks. It's most distRActing grin.

TheSmallPrint Thu 29-Sep-11 10:50:36

morning all. Our dishwasher has died sad it's only about 2 years old and the worst part is that I stopped paying for the extended guarantee about two months ago. Doh!

TheSmallPrint Thu 29-Sep-11 10:53:27

RP sounds like the colonel is a bit like Mr Small, hence me not being on here that much lately.

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 11:11:51

Oh Small, what a nuisance about the timing of the extended guarantee! If it's of any use, hen I was researcging dishwashers a year or two ago, on Which, Bosch ones came out really well - we got one of those and I've never had any problems with it and am really pleased with it. Although that Which info was a few years old so may not still be applicable.

TheSmallPrint Thu 29-Sep-11 11:20:04

It's Sod's law isn't it? Bosch is a bit pricey for us at the moment, might have to look a bit cheaper.

LadyDamerel Thu 29-Sep-11 12:00:45

I hate the white goods dilemma of paying more so it lasts longer but you can't really afford it or pay what you can afford but accept you'll be replacing it sooner. Our tumble drier is on its last legs and we're at that point. Nightmare!

PassTheTwiglets Thu 29-Sep-11 12:08:57

We got the very basic Bosch dishwasher one (no swizzy electrics or anything).

Ah, now, I can help with tumble-dryers! White Knight! They're dead cheap and everybody but EVERYBODY recommends them (MNers, repairmen) - nobody has a bad word to say about them! Again, this is 2 years old info though smile

TheSmallPrint Thu 29-Sep-11 12:26:22

Lady D we've usually always gone with fairly basic brands and never really had a problem with longevity especially with washer and tumble dryer (normally use indesit), I will look at the Bosch one, if it's not ridiculously more then I may go for that.

TheSmallPrint Thu 29-Sep-11 12:26:51

sometimes it's just luck of the draw whether you get a Friday machine or not grin

Russianpony Thu 29-Sep-11 12:32:12

I can also recommend the Bosch dishwasher, although it is pricey - we put it on our wedding list as a joke and my PILs got it for us!!! And that was over 10 years ago now. It's spent a good 4years of that not being used, and unloved in our garage as two of our houses had a built in dishwashers, but seems to have survived 8 moves in its lifetime! Our washing machine is also Bosch, was actually quite a good price I seem to remember when we bought it 10.5 years ago! Our fridge is a cheapy brand and it too has lasted 10 years and 8 moves which is fantastic for a fridge, so we're waiting for all 3 to just conk out on us as 10 years seems to be the maximum anyone ever says about these things!!shock

I hate extended warranty things as well as you nearly always pay out and don't use them and then when you don't have them you do need it - bit like extra insurance for something or not! Once I've thought about it, I almost have to get it as I know it will go wrong otherwise!! (although sensible Colonel normally keeps me in check as you know! so I don't have every ridiculous warranty/insurance possible!!grin)

So it sounds like our OH's are about the same. The Colonel also calls you all truckers (I find it quite offensive and hopefully not true!! ) I first discovered MN about 7 years ago, but only started using it regularly as a lifeline after my first miscarriage in 2005. I have to admit to having an addictive personality, so I am almost probably definitely addicted, which is why I went cold turkey earlier this year as I just need to tear myself away, but I missed it. FB is all very well but everyone knows who you are on there - here you can let your hair down a bit more freely as no-one cares!

Either way, I'm not planning on going anywhere, just need to curb my addiction somehow - but it's hard when the decoration around this fine drinking establishment is so beautiful to look at!grin

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