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Lauren Goodger on Cover of OK Magazine

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MrsBradleyCooper Wed 28-Sep-11 14:25:58

Has anyone seen this?

I don't buy the magazine, but I saw the cover of it today with the headline


Fair enough if she did, but what I have an issue with is the photograph that OK have decided to use of her.

She looks as if she is happy about it, almost smirking and it just all seems so inappropriate.

Mind you, I shouldn't really be surprised considering the publication...

tranquilitygardens Wed 28-Sep-11 17:57:18

I have to say the inside stories never match the OK headlines, flame me if you want love catching up on gossip mags grin

It was a very small mention in a big article inside. She had the abortion years ago when she was living at home and they were not stable as a couple, she didn't seem in the article to be smug or happy when discussing it.

SixtyFootDoll Sat 01-Oct-11 20:30:20

I have no idea who she is, but thought that magazine cover was in por taste. As you say she looks like she thinks it was like she played a good trick on him.

Frizzbonce Tue 11-Oct-11 23:06:07

Yeah but it's all taken out of context isn't it? Suppose that permatwat ex of hers had suddenly died in a car crash - someone could stick a picture of Lauren laughing at a mate's wedding or something on the cover of the mag and write a tagline: I'm glad Mark's dead!

She wouldn't have said it - the photo was about another event altogether but the reader looks at the pic of her laughing and thinks: 'The callous cow!'

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