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The Lord Jasper Damerel School of Kitten Handling: Zoology Dept., University of Milton Northern

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PasstheTwiglets Tue 17-May-11 17:30:25

Of course, I am violently allergic to cats...<<sneezes>>

The only picture we have of the Dean is not overly flattering but in my head he looks a little more like this

Come in, enjoy, help yourself to Twiglets.
Yours sincerely, a Fair Trespasser.

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 17:40:49

Brilliant title Twigs, thank you! I am loving the photo of our very own Dear Delight. Shall we get our own back on him by mistaking him for a spry young gamekeeper and asking him to clear out our grouse covers?

TheSmallPrint Tue 17-May-11 17:43:52

Ha, got the last post in on t'other thread.

What a lovely building this one is, I don't believe I have been to this part of the University before. The furnishings are a bit sparse though.

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 17:48:11

That's because you have misappropriated those curtains again, Small.
<<stern stare>>

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 17:52:31

::Puffs up the staircase to the senior common room::

Do we have space somewhere for the Michelangelo?

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 17:54:50

There is always room for our wonderful Works of Art

MrsFlittersnoop Tue 17-May-11 17:59:36

Slightly more rugged likeness HERE methinks.....

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 18:01:58

Nice butt on him coat he's wearing, Mrs F.

TheSmallPrint Tue 17-May-11 18:24:05

I did NOT remove the curtains this time <indignant> I believe we left in a bit of a rush and did not pack up properly. I will sneak back when it's dark and retrieve them.

MrsFlittersnoop Tue 17-May-11 19:09:06

<ponders Damerel's pantaloons coat>

<goes in search of lorgnette vinaigrette>

TheSmallPrint Tue 17-May-11 19:51:47

<peels off balaclava and black gloves with teeth >
He we are ladies, curtains recovered!

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 19:55:40

How lovely to see you here, Mrs Flittersnoop. Would you care for a glass of gin Polish cordial?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 20:04:59

Those Damerels are (dare I say it) a little disappointing. This is more what I was hoping for.

::swoons in a girlish fashion::

TheSmallPrint Tue 17-May-11 20:33:56

I was about to open the gizzy actually wine care to join me?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 20:41:47

My dear, I don't mind if I do.

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 20:59:59

Good evening ladies. I see I'm just in time for a swig of PC very small glass of sweet sherry

DumSpiroSpero Tue 17-May-11 21:01:20

'Evening my fellow professors!

I have bought along a little friend for Uzi - thought it was about time he had some company.

Meet Mischka

<<don't worry Twigs - she's a hypoallergenic cross-breed grin>>

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 21:05:59

Someone thinks that's funny.

This is what I was meaning earlier about sunny smiles but not for a good reason.

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 21:08:06

I was referring to my tipple in the last post, not the adorable kitten. How gorgeous, Spiro.

Is it me, or is MN playing up again?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 21:09:12

::Raises glass::

Your very good health.


ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 17-May-11 21:11:01

Yes, it seems a bit erratic, Massive, but nowhere near as bad as last night.

DumSpiroSpero Tue 17-May-11 21:11:29

Have just been looking over the bits I missed last night, and another look at the 'tiger' pic from earlier. That & the last 10 seconds of the Lucas party bag...thud!

Re grass query earlier, Maud, DD has to make a model dinosaur 'world'. It's one of several 'mini projects' that she has until end of term to complete so we have a good 6 weeks if we start pronto. I thought it would be fun to make something 'real' rather than with paper etc. If I could get something like a cat litter tray to make it in could make 2-3 inch compost base rather than cotton wool, but would that still not be long enough timewise?

Otherwise will get a couple of different types of cress seed (I haven't got a green fingered bone in my body and I do like to make things difficult for myself confused)

SupermassiveLBD Tue 17-May-11 21:13:54

Oh lawdy Miss Maudy! I have two words for you, ladies. Saracen bow....


<<fans self>>

DumSpiroSpero Tue 17-May-11 21:14:13

If I get much more of that gratuitous pic, I'm going to need my blood pressure checked out. I presume that's a fan he's posing with - I bet she's got that in one heck of a frame!

KaraToytown Tue 17-May-11 21:21:35

Nice place you have here.
I have a blood pressure monitor if anyone needs it.

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