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Didn't Cilla Black feature heavily on 'meanest rudest celeb' thread?

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Frizzbonce Thu 24-Mar-11 16:20:40

Because I've just read that one of the main reasons we don't see her on telly much is due to a Head Honcho at ITV refusing utterly to have her on any ITV show. Apparently it goes back to when Head Honcho was a runner on a Cilla Black show long long ago . . . .

Remember who you pass on the way up eh Cilla . . . . . .?

cyb Thu 24-Mar-11 16:22:33

I've seen her and her ridiculous chip munk cheeks on Loose Women

Why she is some kind of 'national treasure' is beyond me......

MegBusset Thu 24-Mar-11 16:37:27

Yes - she refused (rudely) to give my mum an autograph in the 60s so is forever on my shitlist

BringBackGoingForGold Thu 24-Mar-11 16:37:54

I read that too! Popbitch, yes? I've heard before that she's a gigantic tosser. Great to hear that ITV have some integrity and won't put up with her horridness just because she's a 'treasure'.

Frizzbonce Thu 24-Mar-11 18:27:50

cyb - hahahahah!!! Yes she does have a face like a chipmunk.

It does seem like karma though. You'd have to be a real bitch for someone to be SO angry years later that they stonewall any possibility of you coming back to ITV.

Frizzbonce Thu 24-Mar-11 18:28:56

BringBackGoingForGold - yes it was Popbitch!

AnonymousBird Thu 24-Mar-11 18:46:36

She lives near my mum - bumps into her in Waitrose or whatever and she has the most affected "posh" non-liverpool accent ever apparently! Right up herself!

TheCrackFox Thu 24-Mar-11 19:05:10

One of my friends is a head housekeeper at a hotel and apparently Cilla is utterly vile. By far the worst Sleb she has ever met and she has met tons of A list Hollywood and pop-stars.

kittya Thu 24-Mar-11 23:13:23

I can imagine that and I bet her friend Paul O Grady isnt as nice as he seems on the telly. Although I would like to be prooved wrong on this as, he does make me laugh.

sharbie Fri 25-Mar-11 11:47:39

my mum and auntie met her in the 60s when she was touring with the beatles - she was ok then.just starting out i suppose.<not defending her at all>

getabloodygrip Fri 25-Mar-11 12:00:29

<<whispers quietly - she took her knickers off alot in the 60s IYSWIM>>


sharbie Fri 25-Mar-11 12:06:08

oh dear

kittya Fri 25-Mar-11 12:12:37

I dont believe that, to be honest. I imagine she was a good catholic girl and married her first bf.

paulapantsdown Fri 25-Mar-11 12:34:59

She lives not far from us. A good few years ago, her son pulled out onto the road and knocked down and killed a young lad on a motorbike. This lad and his family where friends of friends.
Cilla then went to the papers and gave an interview about how upset and devastated SHE was about the accident, along with photo of her looking sad. She lied in the, interview saying that she has spoken to the boys family and had sent flowers, which was totally untrue. The family never heard (nor wanted to) from her.

So, she actually used someones death to get publicity for herself.

A nasty piece of work by any accounts.

SooooCynical Fri 25-Mar-11 12:50:48

Can't abide and can't understand why she's done so well. She called the 'singing crow' in our house.

I remember reading an article where a journalist had gone to interview her whilst they were having lunch in a restaurant. A lady came rushing over obviously very excited to see CB and proceeded to gush about how wonderful she thought she was and what a big fan she was of CB. She also mentioned that she was at the restaurant because it was her birthday and how this had made it even more special. CB agreed to an autograph and asked the lady her age. When the lady told her CB gasped in mock shock and said 'Gosh. You're the same age as me!! No one would ever believe it looking at us!!' she then went on to ask the journalist if she would believe they were the same age as this lady looked 'so much old'. Apparrently the lady stood in shock and looked like she was about to burst into tears.

First class bitch.

thederkinsdame Sat 26-Mar-11 22:26:52

Ah yes, I have heard a rumour that she's none too popular with cabin crew either...

sharbie Sat 26-Mar-11 22:31:22

dale winton and paul o grady love her - they must be like that too then.yuk.

kittya Sat 26-Mar-11 22:34:43

That has crossed my mind too. Although they dont like each other do they Paul and Dale? I really loved Paul's books but, the show he did with all the grannies. Im not sure he was genuine.

MollieO Sat 26-Mar-11 22:43:16

I've been on the same Concorde flight as her. Huge air of superiority which was the only reason I noticed her at all.

catinthehat2 Sat 26-Mar-11 22:53:20

Some slebs apparently do a lot of drugs.
Cocaine mostly.

kittya Sun 27-Mar-11 00:08:01

Not Cilla!!! I couldnt imagine it.

OrangeBernard Sun 27-Mar-11 00:24:09

Allegedy the only woman to have shagged all 4 Beatles...

Lulie110 Sun 27-Mar-11 00:44:56

thederkinsdam - exactly so, she is the most hated person by BA crew. She is meant to be just inutterably vile; throws a strop is she is not in seat 1A (tho rarely pays for it, just expects an upgrade), and refuses to speak to crew. So they have to speak to whoever is with her, be it assistant, friend, whatever. Maybe it is better that she wont speak to the crew as when she does speak, she is just a cow. Allegedly.

TheSecondComing Sun 27-Mar-11 00:52:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lulie110 Sun 27-Mar-11 00:53:29

OOh - Benidorm ??

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