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Does it matter a jot that Prof Brian Cox writes for the Sun?

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IntergalacticHussy Thu 24-Mar-11 11:36:18

I can't decide...


I only realised the day after the Japanese earthquake when they were quoting from one of his articles on Radio 4. My initial reaction was that he had sold his soul to Rupert Murdoch and was cashing in on a massive humanitarian disaster. Then i told myself it doesn't really matter in the great scheme of things and if my biggest concern after something so awful is what some celeb scientist is doing, it says a lot more about my skewed priorities than anything else!

And i suppose if it opens up science to a wider audience, then it's ok, right?

IntergalacticHussy Thu 24-Mar-11 11:46:35

but then again, The Sun wholeheartedly backs the Big Society Swindle... maybe not so good for someone who keeps calling for more government funding for science...

anyone? i'm sure i can argue with myself about this for hours but it's not much fun...

IntergalacticHussy Thu 24-Mar-11 12:10:21

ok, boring thread idea.

what do i have to do? photoshop some naked pics of him with a huge telescope to get you lot interested? wink

UnquietDad Thu 24-Mar-11 21:36:20

I think he's actually doing a good job by explaining scientific concepts and debunking myths, in straightforward language that your average Sun reader will understand.

marmaladetwatkins Fri 25-Mar-11 09:42:59

In the words of the Arctic Monkeys

Brian. Top marks for not trying.

Oh sod it. Brian could come on the telly sticking matchsticks into his own crap and I'd watch.

IntergalacticHussy Fri 25-Mar-11 13:30:59

It just seems a bit odd, UQD. the sun has spent the past 40 or so years lowering the lowest levels of the lowest common denominator and now they've discovered their readers have a thirst for knowledge and he's the guy to deliver it? Just because he has a pretty face and a down to earth manner; surely he can't be the first person in all those years to meet those criteria?

you and me both marmaladetwatkins!

oh, the shame blush

throckenholt Fri 25-Mar-11 13:37:52

I guess scientists are always being told to bring science to the layman. I haven't seen any of his sun stuff - but maybe that is the motive.

I noticed the other day that I can't watch his telly programs (even though I am interested) without falling asleep halfway through - maybe he could market them as an alternative to sleeping pills ?

IntergalacticHussy Fri 25-Mar-11 13:42:40

i kind of know what you mean as regards the programme - i find the first 20 minutes or so just mind-numbingly obvious 'the universe is holes can destroy planets...' that i want to throw things at the tv.

Then he seems to hit his stride with some really engaging and fascinating insights for another 20 minutes, before repeating the really obvious stuff again and signing off. hmm

IntergalacticHussy Fri 25-Mar-11 13:45:55

or maybe he didn't say it was infinite, ok i wasn't actually listening; i was too busy giggling...

octopusinabox Fri 25-Mar-11 19:57:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wintera Sat 26-Mar-11 08:38:40

So Brian Cox writes for The Sun does he?! I didn't know this at all. He may lose fans in Liverpool over this I'm afraid.

TaudrieTattoo Sat 26-Mar-11 08:42:14

Look at the surprise on my face confused

I can't stand that grinning haircut.

One PR officer and a Northern accent away from being a dweeb.

TaudrieTattoo Sat 26-Mar-11 08:43:44

Hang on - "language that your average Sun reader will understand"?

Patronising generalisation, UQD.


wintera Sat 26-Mar-11 10:03:25

I always liked him and then I heard him on the radio recently and he definitely had that "Science is everything, and other people are just idiots" quality about him and it put me off a bit. I don't like that scientific arrogance thing that a lot of these guys have. But I could have put it up with that, but writing for The Sun is a big no no for me I'm afraid.

purits Sat 26-Mar-11 10:11:34

Anyone who takes the Murdoch shilling goes down a few notches in my estimation.
A friend's DC was studying Physics at BC's university. Students never saw him because he was too busy being a TV sleb, standing on mountains with the wind playing with his hair whilst he gazed over the landscape saying "it's really, really amazing" and other such profound things.

IntergalacticHussy Sat 26-Mar-11 14:14:25

that sounds about right Purits; i had wondered why you never hear former students raving about him, that explains it. And what's with the standing on mountaintops anyway? is he auditioning for a The Darkness tribute band? Does he climb up there wearing canvas trainers and a t-shirt or do they just push him out of a helicopter? Or maybe some kind of CGI, now that's dorky grin

Oi, just a thought, MNHQ can we have a Brian Cox grin with floppy hair and puppydog eyes please? Preferably holding a big fat Newscorp cheque...

IntergalacticHussy Sat 26-Mar-11 14:15:28

or News International, even. don't know what Newscorp is, did i just make it up? blush

peeriebear Sat 26-Mar-11 14:18:15

I really dislike the Sun. Really really. I am not a massive fan of Brian Cox either tbh, he reminds me of Frank Spencer, so nothing lost here.
DH once bought a copy of the Sun for a sandwich voucher. I saved it specially to line the rabbit hutch, and put it in with the rabbit who rips every bit of paper to shreds immediately.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 27-Mar-11 20:01:45

I didn't know about him writing for the Sun. Dh and my dad love his programmes, but my mate works in his dept at the uni - and he's not exactly Mr popular among the staff!

IntergalacticHussy Mon 28-Mar-11 13:15:59

do they get pissed off with him getting all the hype and attention and never being there? or does he just smell really bad? wink

dittany Mon 28-Mar-11 13:17:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

upahill Mon 28-Mar-11 13:24:06

Ahhh the Brain Cox backlash has started.
He was everyones hero last year for making the solar system sound interesting!

IntergalacticHussy Mon 28-Mar-11 14:12:42

didn't mean to start a backlash really; it just pisses me off when people do anything pro-Murdoch.

My family and I put up with only having 3 and a half tv channels because the only alternative round here is Sky, and no way am I paying that undemocratic megalomaniac £15.99 a month!

If i'm skint and i can still afford to have principles why can't someone like BC?

Prunnhilda Mon 28-Mar-11 14:17:25

Apparently he's going to do a new series on the Wonders of Life.
I think Attenborough got there first mate
Still, it's aaaallll fookin' amaaaaaaaaaazin'

upahill Mon 28-Mar-11 14:28:07

I think his programmes are fantastic.
Dh and DS2 snuggle up and watch them together.
Sure he is awe of the universe. So what? It is pretty awesome when you come to think of it - which is his whole point - getting you to think about it.

Sure Attenborough got there first and hewas/ is specatculaly good at getting his point across as well but this is a new face for the next generation.

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