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Pete gets with Ellen and Katie and Alex on rocks!

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MummieHunnie Thu 06-Jan-11 01:13:03

That's a turn up for the books!

Pete and Ellen share the same management and have been dating since November, and spent Christmas together!

It will make an interesting interview the one between Ellen and Christine, I don't like daybreak though!

Katie tweeted that she and alex are on the rocks!

I hope they can all be happy!

whatkungfuthat Thu 06-Jan-11 19:17:53

Who is Ellen? I am a bit lost here smile

MummieHunnie Thu 06-Jan-11 22:34:48

Frank Lampards the footballers ex, they have two kids.

whatkungfuthat Fri 07-Jan-11 10:53:46

Ahhh, thanks! smile

potplant Fri 07-Jan-11 10:56:55

Pete's agent likes pimping him out.

It was KK last month.

MummieHunnie Wed 12-Jan-11 01:02:56

Well it looks like it really is over with Katie and Alex (worst kept secret in history) from the mail on line. I hope that Katie has some time alone and invests in her children and some therapy.

I think Peter introduced the kids really quickly to Elen and her kids, after a few weeks, he is just as bad as Katie doing that with Alex, poor kids. I wonder if Pete is going to keep the kids working for his magazine deals, considering Katie said the kids are getting teased at school about the mag deals and tv show, that's why she stopped the mags a year ago and the tv a few months ago? Can you imagine him Elen and the four kids in the next few weeks in ok magazine?

puffling Wed 12-Jan-11 20:30:57

Ellen and Peter are with CAN associates, now Mel B's sister Danielle is too. Funny how all were on front of OK and in the Daily Mail, they're like an unholy triumvirate. That Claire from CAN must be laughing all the way to the bank.
These people must be so desperate, because to be signed up by this agency means that you have no private life, everything is a photo op and your kids are fair game, just like prostitution horrible.

MummieHunnie Thu 13-Jan-11 00:43:07

Puffling, don't forget Amanda Holden is also with can associates also, and she had her bag of publicity too with the pregnancy. Yes Claire and Nevile must be laughing all the way to the bank, now they have done well to turn the profile of Kerry Katona around so quickly too. It was sad that Danielle had not seen Mel for two years shock due to the family being unhappy about her second husband, they said nothing about the first huband and were unhappy about that marriage too, who turned out to have been bad news, you can't blame them for not keeping quiet a second time.

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