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Total Minger Mick Hucknell has shagged over 1000 women, apparently

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GenevieveHawkings Fri 03-Dec-10 17:57:46

Just one question, how on earth did the the fabulously wealthy ginger minger ever find that many women willing to shag him...? ly-Reds-Mick-Hucknall-apologises-1000-women-slept- with.html

donnie Sun 05-Dec-10 21:39:07

God knows he is so pig ugly. i guess money smells good....

c0rns1lk Sun 05-Dec-10 21:42:26

I reckon women threw themselves at him
strange but true
Am a manc and everyone knows someone who shagged him

mayorquimby Mon 06-Dec-10 17:01:02

fair play to him so

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