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any of you 'in the know' re premiership footballer about to be 'exposed'??

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tiredemma Fri 19-Nov-10 20:44:38

saw something on tv this morning about a prem footballer who had just lost a superinjunction re privacy. Anyone of you salacious gossip mongers up to speed on who it might be.???

yousaidit Fri 19-Nov-10 20:45:44

its not that 18yr old in the sun is it who has been shagging another 18yr old lassie? or is it a super juicy one?

Ponders Fri 19-Nov-10 20:46:52

we will find out soon enough if the superinjunction is not allowed.

but will we care? hmm

clam Sat 20-Nov-10 14:36:56

Don't know, but this "superinjunction" business annoys me intensely. Specially that last sleb who bleated that exposure by the press would cause his wife upset! Like it's the press's fault? Surely it would have been his own behaviour that was the cause of any upset. Slimebag.

muggglewump Sat 20-Nov-10 14:39:16

I keep reading blind items supposedly about DB, and then there's the SG story, but that's been doing the rounds for donkeys and is apparently crap.
There's lots of stories online about the ex footballer/crisp man too.

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