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Disturbed by Suri

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Faaamily Thu 11-Nov-10 11:45:44

I'm not really a sleb twaddle kinda gal, but I saw a pic of Suri Cruise this morning in a paper someone was reading on the tube (Metro? Mail?) and it really disturbed me.

She was wearing a fur coat and heels and carrying a handbag. And wearing red lipstick. Isn't she about 3 yrs old?

Why on earth are her parents dressing her up like this?

QuintessentialShadows Thu 11-Nov-10 11:48:13

because they are idiots. And they can, because Suri will never be a normal child, and never have a normal upbringing, and will no doubt go from celebrity child to celebrity teenager, and she is in training for that.

IWouldNotCouldNotWithAGoat Thu 11-Nov-10 17:18:09

Totally agree, seriously seriously odd.

waterfallcardieofdoom Thu 11-Nov-10 18:17:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

thatsnotmyfruitshoot Thu 11-Nov-10 19:22:51

Appalling. Heels and make up at that age, and if that's real fur, that's horrific.

They may as well just reserve her a place in rehab now. I always thought Katie Holmes seemed quite nice and sane, but clearly not. Aren't they matey with Will Smith and his crew? I hate what they're doing with their horribly precocious 9 year old dd too.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 11-Nov-10 19:31:17

wtf is a bull-dyke? It sounds derogatory and homophobic. Please tell me I'm wrong


hester Thu 11-Nov-10 19:36:07

bulldyke is both derogatory and homophobic. And maybe, just maybe, the older daughter isn't interested in looking like a Hollywood starlet - in which case, good on her.

Hulababy Thu 11-Nov-10 19:47:19

She looks too grown up

The heels - fine for dancing. They are childre's dancing shoes. But not for out and about and TBH, imo, not really for parties even at 3 or 4 years old.

kittya Thu 11-Nov-10 22:54:56

Have on earth can she walk in them? she looks like shes in Gossip Girl!! its truely shocking, I know he is a control freak so, Im surprised hes gone for it.

Maybe his eldest just isnt interested. Some (a minority) of uber celebs children do turn out quite normal. I saw that Annette Bennings and Warren Beattys 18 year old daughter is living like a boy these days so she hasnt fallen into any celebrity trap.

I still do wonder what kind of input Nicole Kidman has in the uprbringing of those two children. She doesnt seem involved at all. I find that more disturbing.

PaisleyLeaf Fri 12-Nov-10 10:45:01

Oh I do love that bag though!

MaudOHara Fri 12-Nov-10 14:31:04

Those shoes are just ridiculous and must be damaging her feet / legs.

As for the lipstick - meh - DD wanted her nails painted / to wear my make up / carry a handbag (full of lego) as a toddler.

She's a very tall 6 so has to wear 9-10 so we always have a struggle in shops about clothes as she wants to look dress trashily trendily - maybe Suri is quite forthright in wanting certain clothes and her parents nannies give in for a quiet life

colditz Fri 12-Nov-10 14:34:29

One day, someone is going to say 'no' to that child and she will implode.

noddyholder Fri 12-Nov-10 14:34:37

God i have those shoes in silver!She looks like she can really 'wear' the stuff iygwim Most unusual for a 4 yr old to be able to carry heels and a leather coat/bag like a little lady odd

Faaamily Fri 12-Nov-10 14:36:53

That pic isn't as horrendous as the one I saw, but even this one makes me feel uncomfortable. What are the Cruises on?

DamselInDisgrace Fri 12-Nov-10 14:41:34

That article is quite odd, as it seems to be mostly about how much the clothes cost. It sounds like sour grapes from the writer because she has to make do with peppa pig wellies, while Tom and Katie can afford stupidly expensive designer clothes. It's their money and if they want to spend £600 on a dress for a 4 year old, they're welcome to.

I don't really like the dress and coat for a 4 year old, but I don't like a lot of what people wear. I'm not keen on the shoes either. They look like horrible granny ballroom dancing shoes. I can't imagine they're great for her feet. She'd look cuter with some patent mary-janes. The bag is cute.

I like gwen stefani's son's hat. I wish DS2 would keep a hat on his head.

MollysChambers Sun 14-Nov-10 00:40:46

They're scientologists. They believe in letting her make her own decisions. Apparently.
All seems very weird to me.

DancingIceDragons Sun 14-Nov-10 00:45:54

The child is going to be damaged for life. There are a lot of older generation adults who cant were flat shoes because their achilles tendons have shortened due to over use of heels. Poor kid hasnt even got a chance to develop properally if she is wearing those heels regularly. She must be in plain when she tries to walk barefoot. Poor kid.

Stinkermink Mon 15-Nov-10 15:10:33

The only issue I have with Suri Cruises clothing, is that she never looks warm enough. A pair of thick tights, chunky cardi, and cute hair bobbles and you've got a totally different look.

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