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Jason Manford you stupid, stupid man

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YourCallIsImportant Fri 05-Nov-10 16:29:21

My favourite funnyman, the One Show cutie pie Jason Manford is on the front page of the Sun today for sending 'lurid sex texts' to a female fan.

I'm really disappointed, and gutted for his wife, who's pg with their 3rd child. I thought he was one of the good guys. sad

YourCallIsImportant Fri 05-Nov-10 19:43:16

Just me then....

BitOfFawkes Fri 05-Nov-10 19:55:54

<zips gob>

bytheMoonlight Fri 05-Nov-10 20:02:45

I can't understand what gets into these idiotic people, not only that they think they won't get found out but they have no consideration for the hurt they will cause.

His poor wife, and for what? A quick thrill of a topless picture?

I don't understand

tegan Sat 06-Nov-10 18:01:55

I too can't believe he has been so stupid. firstly she wasn't even pretty and he never asked me to send him any pics when we tweeted each other

LeQueen Mon 08-Nov-10 17:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RealityBomb Mon 08-Nov-10 17:12:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Mon 08-Nov-10 17:14:23

Sorry but he looks EXACTLY like the sort of bloke who would phone-sex (at least) behind a pregnant wife's back. No shock on my part.

nameymcnamechange Mon 08-Nov-10 17:31:34

Let it all out Boffy. Lets hear it.

traceybath Mon 08-Nov-10 17:32:45

Indeed lol at BOF.

Peter Kaye was on the radio this morning talking about twitter - he said he also did Jason Mountfords - I did laugh.

Feel sorry for his wife though - he is a plonker indeed.

waterfallcardieofdoom Thu 11-Nov-10 18:32:06

He is a twunt of the highest magnitude. it amused me though that the trollop said something along the lines of "I sent him a message but didn't think he's answer, famous people never do" methinks she has form in trying to snare idiot victim!

woolymindy Thu 11-Nov-10 18:34:23

what a cock

mumbybumby Thu 11-Nov-10 18:35:06

What a knob! Total ego. No discretion either. His poor wife.

kittya Fri 19-Nov-10 17:49:17

they all do it though. The internet has alot to answer to. It used to be just mobile phones. It amazes me, this twitter thing. That it is actually the celeb at the other end and its not just Z listers either.

gembay Sat 20-Nov-10 22:55:13

anybody else shocked that Jason Manford is only 29? (sorry not strictly related to the topic but I assumed he was at least 10 years older!)

kittya Wed 24-Nov-10 09:57:02

he has twin baby girls and another on the way. What a prat!!

The internet has alot to answer to.

CheeseCheese Thu 25-Nov-10 11:16:38

no he would do it without any intwerweb

stressheaderic Thu 25-Nov-10 11:21:58

Shame really. The One Show is very drab now that it's Alex and Matt Baker, at least Jason used to throw in a few gags.

I like him, but I'm not in the least bit surprised. Didn't he say to a stand-up audience on Friday night 'you think you've had a bad day, at least you haven't been caught wanking on the internet infront of 7 million people?'

Two kids and very pregnant wife though, very harsh.

kittya Sat 27-Nov-10 19:02:11

Poor wife. Shes probably a perfectly normal woman as well and wouldnt have seen this coming at all. I hope she doesnt let him get away with it.

tegan Mon 29-Nov-10 13:48:29

twitter is bloody boing now

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