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Is anyone else at all curious

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miracled Sun 15-Aug-10 18:40:09

as to the identity of Liz Jones mystery rock star lover? Apologies if I am repeating a thread but just read today's 'wingefest' and can't believe its anything other than a work of fiction.

SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 18:57:19

ooh link pretty please

miracled Sun 15-Aug-10 19:10:44

Try not to be sick!

SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 19:14:03

Jarvis Cocker isn't doing his R6 show at the mo


oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 15-Aug-10 19:21:45

hmmmm <scratches chin> ....he's 47/48 and clearly needing a boost to his profile and thinks that LJ's constant blogging/whingeing/bleating about every detail of their relationship won't necessarily ruin his career.

hmm... so he's also deluded then...

Adam Ant?
One of the Spandaus? (Are any of them mentalists?)


miracled Sun 15-Aug-10 20:00:47

Adam Ant has been sectioned so a possibility, but from previous mentions the guy is also loaded (and blind presumably)

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 15-Aug-10 20:22:17

and illiterate...

and not allergic to animal fluff...

so I take it Adam Ant is also broke as well. (poor adam - I loved him so much when I was 15))

and he wears a Mickey Mouse t-shirt... and so is completely bereft of any fashion sense and evidently thinks he's quirky and zany. hmm

He sounds like a real catch

SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 20:27:01

does anyone else hate those illustrations for Liz Jones' articles that make her look like she's 15?

...or just me?

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 15-Aug-10 20:30:38

no, I'm definitely with you. It's outrageous.

I'm still smarting from seeing her house, after being led to believe she lived in a ramshackle farmhouse with no boiler and holey blankets. Serves me right for reading her claptrap (at my MIL's house I hasten to add)

SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 20:33:18

I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame


SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 20:46:42

Mr C out of the Shamen

southeastastra Sun 15-Aug-10 20:54:36

sting grin that would be entertaining

clam Sun 15-Aug-10 20:58:23

Can anyone link me to the article where her house was shown?

<<slinks away in shame>>

AllarmBells Sun 15-Aug-10 21:05:26

God I have been reading LJ for years and missed the last 2 where she actually has some fun!!! shock

I always assumed it was Roger Daltrey, because of him owning a farm, but the age is well out.

clam I'd like to see the house too and <deeper shame> I actually read her book. Although I didn't buy it (my mum did).

semicolon Sun 15-Aug-10 21:08:28

Bryan Ferry. Got to be.


Reg Presley of The Troggs

toddlerama Sun 15-Aug-10 21:11:15

clam i wanna see it too...

AllarmBells Sun 15-Aug-10 21:12:42

Or him out of the Sweet that is on the car advert and looks like Jim Bowen in Jordan's wig!!! <excited>

southeastastra Sun 15-Aug-10 21:13:08

haha semicolon

it could be roger daltrey grin

dp suggested steve winwood if we go the farmer/rock start route grin

semicolon Sun 15-Aug-10 21:13:38

read it and weep ladies

AllarmBells Sun 15-Aug-10 21:19:50

If you're really feeling strong, here are the full details on rightmove. It does look nicely done.

semicolon Sun 15-Aug-10 21:27:03

Ozzy Osbourne?

TheCrackFox Sun 15-Aug-10 21:27:55

I am going to place my bets on Andy Taylor from Duran Duran who is about the age she mentioned.

innocuousnamechange Sun 15-Aug-10 21:29:53

Hmm, there have been hints that he makes cheese. If it is the guy from Blur I am going to be Very Disappointed.

semicolon Sun 15-Aug-10 21:31:10

No No No


<covers eyes>

SpringHeeledJack Sun 15-Aug-10 21:38:14

Alex James is too young

Andy Taylor ticks the boxes...mind you though didn't he have some sort of breakdown as he hates being in the limelight? -if that's the case the last thing you'd want to do is go out with Liz and have your every move documented in the Mail

God...can't believe I'm taking this seriously


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