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Has anyone been to Plan Peisey with Esprit?

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pyramidbutterflyfish Thu 21-Feb-19 20:27:49

We came to Plan Peisey with Esprit last February half term and had a good time, so re-booked this year. Sadly it's an entirely different experience.

It’s hot and the first day ESF took all the beginners kids’ bags and drinks away. For 3 hours the Esprit helpers didn't give them water or help them de-layer. Several were shaking with dehydration by the end.

After repeated discussions with the staff, Esprit got them water pouches they were allowed to carry in the lesson.

However, there are around 35 beginners crammed into a small nursery area. They do a 10 second run every 15 minutes or so. They’re not learning anything, but just getting put off skiing because its boring and uncomfortable.

Several families have tried to engage with Esprit about this all week, but they say there’s nothing they can do.

It’s sad as we enjoyed last year, but this is hopeless. We’re teaching them ourselves and booking private lessons.

(Though arguably we are doing better than people earlier in the month.... when we arrived they were doing a deep clean to try to get rid of Norovirus which they told us had infected visitors and staff for the past 3 weeks!)

Claygate Wed 09-Mar-11 14:00:40

Esprit Peisey is excellent. Staff are excellent and chalets are lovely. Walk up steps can be annoying at first.

You will have a great time here as a beginner or intermediate with the local lifts enough for beginners and the les arc lifts or la plagne for more advanced.

Anyone know how much to tip chalet hosts?

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 08-Dec-09 22:08:07

We're going with The Family Ski Company now. They'd be worth a look.

CaurnieBred Tue 08-Dec-09 22:02:56

Are you tied to Plan Peisey? If not, also look at Le Ski in La Tania (3 Valleys) (is a wee bit more expensive than Ski Beat though; not sure how they compare with Esprit as not been with them). They still have availability the last time I looked (to see if anyone else has booked in for when we are going in January). DD loved the creche there last year and there aren't as many stairs as in Peisey.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 08-Dec-09 21:52:01

Its definetly busier this year, either that or the companies aren't doing as many chalets as previous years. Maybe they're not expecting as many bookings due to credit cruch.

We booked 4 weeks ago for beginning of Jan and struggled to find something suitable. But then we did limit ourselves to Esprit and a particular week.

pisteagain Tue 08-Dec-09 21:28:41

Thanks for your replies.

We are going with friends and they have a three year old and a (just)one year old so the steps could be a problem.

Was just looking at the accommodation summary and the suite (which would be what our friends would prefer) is on the top floor at road level. Not sure they would feel comfortable leaving the kids two flights up while we are having dinner downstairs.

I wish esprit would put floor plans in their brochures. Everyone else does!

Caurniebred, will have a look at ski beat too.

We're not going in the half term. Does anyone think it seems busier this year? Had a look at ski basics and they didn't have any availability apart from a couple of weeksshock. Getting a bit twitchy about booking!

DH wants to leave it to the last minute to try and get a bargain but as we're going with friends (and I'm doing all the research etc.), I'm panicking about nothing suitable being left.

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 08-Dec-09 19:18:43

I was also there 2 years ago when the Vanoise Express was shut. There was still fab skiing over to Les Arcs and you could ski on blue runs if you wanted.

The blues which are really reds are the blues down to Montchavin rather than La Plagne itself. You can take the express over the other side, then lifts up and then ski down to La Plagne easily. Then a lift back up to the top and ski down the Vanoise Express ok. I think its just the last run down to Montchavin which is a bit tricky.

We loved the chalets and hot tubs. But I was a bit out of breath in the mornings after walking up all the steps.

mas36 Tue 08-Dec-09 18:57:35

We went there two years ago and had a great time, even though the Vanoise Express was closed. We stayed in Chalet Renard, very near to the top of the stairs and right next to the kids club. Staff, food and hot tub were great. DS was in Sprite beginners then and was in the ski garden for lessons close to the chalet. The childcare staff collect kids from the chalet each morning after breakfast. Haven't heard about runs being regraded. We are pretty good skiiers / snowboarders and there was plenty of good skiing even without being able to go over to La Plagne. Not much in Peisey itself, but like others we're not looking for nightlife, and we did go to a nice restaurant on the chalet staff night off.

CaurnieBred Tue 08-Dec-09 17:20:38

What ages are your children? We didn't like the PiouPiou area at Peisey and once they are out of that they then have to go up the mountain on the chair to the larger nursery area.

We went with Ski Beat and did love our chalet (Bayona) as it was directly opposite the chair and had no steps. The creche was in another chalet (Marmotton) which was the upper chalet (those is Chamois and Bouqutin) had to climb steps (but I think they could leave their skis in Marmotton).

The creche was great and DD loved it (she was 3 at the time).

There isn't a whole lot to do in Peisey to be honest, but now that we have DD we're not after nightlife.

cornflakemum Tue 08-Dec-09 13:54:37

sorry - lots of typos - Les Arcs 2000

cornflakemum Tue 08-Dec-09 13:51:59

Forgot to add - I'm not sure the chalets are as nice as they look in reality!

We had the family suite which is the same as the picture next to the OURSON picture here, and it was a bit of a nightmare. The wall behind the bed was paper thin, and we were directly above the kitchen. We got all the noise and smells coming up from the kitchen - early in the morning (when they started breakfast) and a couple of time late at night when chalet staff came in from pub/clubs and started making themselves drinks/food in the kitchen (at 2.30 a.m. angry)

Personally I would favour Les Arc 200 or La Rosiere over Plan Peisey again....

cornflakemum Tue 08-Dec-09 13:45:17

Yes - we went a couple of years ago.
Was a nice holiday, but yes, check which chalet you're booking. They are set into the hillside, and have loads of metal staircases up (outdoor) to get up to the top/road.

Probably not a problem is you/your kids are older but I wouldn't want to do it with less steady on feet toddlers, OR have to carry a buggy.

You can leave skis in the room at the top fortunately, so no need to carry those up and down all day!

Plan Peisey is connected to the wiser ski area by a huge cable car called the Vanoise Express which goes across a great valley. Not for those who are a bit prone to vertigo! Also check it's working, as a few years ago it was closed for the whole season, which really limited the skiable terrain from Peisey.....

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 08-Dec-09 13:40:22

There are lots of steps, Esprit told me that themselves - we looked at going but they didn't have what we needed for the week we're going.

I have no idea about the runs being egraded but Esprit are very helpful and may know if you ring them.

pisteagain Mon 07-Dec-09 19:09:48

The chalets look beautiful.

Just wondered what Plan Peisey was like. It doesn't look very pretty but not sure that it matters as we probably won't be hitting the town at night anywaygrin.

I think I read somewhere on MN that there are lots of steps down to the chalets and also the runs had been reclassified in La Plagne making red runs into blue. Does anyone have any info on this?


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