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Montchavin - opinions - good & bad?

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MrsGuyofGisbourne Sun 08-Nov-09 08:39:25

Would be very welcome! Also - any recommendations for any little mountain restaurants with sunny terraces where I can glug wine have a cup of tea while teh DC play in the snow nearby? And any good tobogganning places?

happywomble Sun 08-Nov-09 09:42:23

We went to Les Coches (just above Montchavin) in early Feb 2003 (ie. quite a long time ago!). We went before the link to Les arcs so it has probably changed quite a bit.

The thing I wasn't so keen on was skiing back from La plagne on a blue run (above les coches) that felt much harder than blue as it was quite icy fairly crowded and not much snow cover.

I love La plagne and les arcs but if I were to return to this ski area would probably opt to stay at higher altitude as I don't like to have to ski a hard piste at the end of the day when I'm getting tired!

If you are a very competent skiier montchavin would be fine.

I think its a very good location and there are some lovely runs. The blues down to Montchavin are more like reds in other resorts. However you can take the bubble down if you want. They will also stop the chair and let you come down on the chair. Well they did for me, but I didn't see anyone else do it. I was on crutches by then, so maybe they took pity on me!

eASY ACCESS TO pLAn Peisey/Les Arcs and to La Plagne.

wicked Sun 08-Nov-09 19:35:55

I've been to Montchavin (we stayed in a chalet). It is pretty low and we didn't have any snow in the village when we were there, but there are two good lifts systems that take you up to Belle Plagne. There are plenty of restaurants up the mountain.

As we were in a catered chalet, we didn't really do anything in the village, but the chalet girl did all her food shopping in the little supermarket.

When we had our night out, we went up the mountain to the next village to a very lively restaurant.

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