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Whistler Childcare

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Skimummy Wed 04-Nov-09 11:40:27

Hello all

Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience with childcare in Whistler? My DD is too young for creche (18 months min) so we are looking at getting a nanny through either Babysitting Whistler or Nannies on Call (used to be the Nanny Network). They both look fine but thought I would check whether anyone has used either of them first before I decide which one to book.


HeadlessLadyH Wed 04-Nov-09 20:02:37

Its a shame your DD isn't 18 months. We used Whistler Kids for DS who at 21 months when we went was really well looked after and happy in there! Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Am very jealous of you going. My brother lives in Whistler and would love to visit again but with a new baby, its a bit of a trek at the moment.
Have a lovely time, and I can recommend the snowboard school if you are a boarder!

MrLSG Wed 04-Nov-09 22:53:37

Your can also ask the creche if they have a list of people willing to babysit: this may well include people who work in the creche some of the time so you can be pretty sure of them.

We did this in Big White when our two were pre-creche age very successfully - in a bigger resort like Whistler you should have more choice.

Skimummy Fri 06-Nov-09 10:58:09

Thanks all - I have heard good things about Whistler Kids so was disappointed about the minimum age! We have been to Whistler before but pre-DD so I can't wait to go back.

I think we are going to go with Babysitting Whistler as they have been most helpful so far. There is another baby in our group so it works out pretty reasonable when we split the cost.

I will of course let everyone know how it goes for future reference!


zed39 Wed 20-Jan-10 18:36:00

Hi Skimummy

I was just wondering whether you've been on your trip yet. We've been to Whistler for the last 4 years but won't be going this year as I'm due in April. However DH is already planning for 2011 and so I wondered how you got on with the babysitting service?


geetee Fri 29-Jan-10 14:41:09

Hi zed39. We love Whistler too and have been taking DD there every year since she was 4.5 months old. In fact, this is the first year that DH and I will have missed since 2000.

The first few years that we took her we used the Nanny Network now Nannies on Call. We were very happy with the nannies that they provided and the service is great and pretty flexible. I loved the fact that the nanny came to our accommodation and I could leave DD in her PJs eating her breakfast and hand over to the nanny. There was no mad panic to get her dressed and over to the creche. We did a short 3 month season when DD was 2 and that year we'd arranged for a friend of a friend to babysit most of the time that we needed someone and then used the Nanny Network when she wasn't available.

We've kept in contact with one lady we met that year and then babysat for us most of the time after that. She has become one of our Whistler friends and she was still babysitting for us last year.

Just one added thought. Even though the mountain creche doesn't take children until 18 months, there is a creche at the Hilton next to the exit of the Whistler gondola and they take them from 4 months. I don't know if you either have to be a Mark Warner customer (as it's marketed as Mark Warner day care) or a guest at the Hilton but it might be worth a call even if you're not staying there.

Good luck for April!

zed39 Fri 29-Jan-10 18:44:26

Hi Geetee

Nice to meet another Whistler addict!!

Thanks very much for the info - DH will be very happy. I'll definitely check out the Hilton.


Skimummy Fri 29-Jan-10 19:02:38

Hello - an update from Whistler (last day sadly)! We have been using Babysitting Whistler while here and our nanny has been BRILLIANT. I looked at the Nanny Network as well but they weren't as helpful responding to my initial queries, which is why I chose Babysitting Whistler. Can also recommend Babies on the Go for things like a winter pram and boxes of toys. Whistler on the whole has been very child friendly and we have had a brilliant holiday - I can see why people come back here with their children year after year!

geetee Sat 30-Jan-10 20:35:07

Hi Skimummy. Glad to hear that you've had a great time in Whistler and hope that your return journey has gone well. We also used Babies on the Go for hiring equipment and it's good to hear that they're still operating. I had thought that I'd heard they were having problems but I guess not. We don't need them any more but they were great for providing cots, 3 wheelers, high chairs, toys, sterilising equipment etc etc etc. We found Whistler such an easy place to go with DD when she was small. The only downsides are that it's a long way and the jetlag can be brutal although it was better when DD was a baby compared to when she was 4. Apart from that I think it's much better than Europe for flexibility especially if you do a DIY trip.

boo33radly Wed 23-Sep-15 18:16:50

We came up to Whistler with our two kids, 2 months and 2 years, and I was very nervous about leaving them alone with someone they had never met. First day Sam came over that nervousness was gone. She immediately bonded with my baby boy and my daughter fell in love with her. For the next week every time Sam came over and we left to go biking we actually felt like we were on vacation because we could relax knowing our kids were in good hands. It was nice to go on vacation and feel like we were on vacation. Thanks,

boo33radly Wed 23-Sep-15 18:28:07

Babysitting Whistler is the company I posted about above,,, would help to add that. Thanks,

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