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Has anyone been to Ardent with Family Ski Company?

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IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 06-Oct-09 19:54:55

If so, how was it?

There's nothing there really apart from a few chalets - was that a problem at all?

snorkie Tue 06-Oct-09 20:47:25

I met someone who went once & they'd enjoyed it (& been back). Depends whether or not your dc are going to want anything more than to muck in with the other kids that will be around I guess.

As an aside I spent 3 weeks in Ardent on a French exchange one summer about 30 years ago, long before it was developed & linked into a ski area. There was nothing at all there then bar a few delapidated huts & I had a fab time.

BeachMum3 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:32:37

We went in January this year with our 3 girls (1,4 & 7) and had a fantastic time.

In Ardent there are mostly Family Ski Chalets and a Bar (Bruno's), restaurant and a couple of ski hire shops. The bubble lift is really close to all the chalets (you can ski back to the door) and takes you up to the ski area where all the lessons start from. From there it is only another lift up to Avoriaz which has loads of shops and restaurant if you want a bit of that during the day.

There is also a bus from Ardent into Morzine (about 10mins) which is bigger with loads of shops, bars & restaurants - you can also ski over there.

We didn't really leave the village as the kids had a fantastic time in the kids clubs in the afternoons and in the evenings we had some family time in the hot tub before putting the kids to bed and having a fantastic meal in the chalet.

We are going back this year!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 11-Oct-09 13:54:40

BeachMum3 - I've just replied on the other Family Ski thread!

Did your 4 year old ski? How did she find it? Did you take her up in the bubble in the morning for her lessons?

Our ds1 is 4 and he skiied for the first time last Christmas with ESF in Morzine so I'm hoping he'll enjoy it again.

DS2 and the 2 other children that we're going to are too young to ski so they're booked into kids club all day.

Are children of ll ages allowed in the hot tub?

Do they offer repeat customer discounts? I'd love to take the boys skiing every year but it's so expensive! We're considerig ttc dc3 but the thought of never being able to afford to ski with them is a serious consideration!

BeachMum3 Wed 14-Oct-09 21:36:24

Great good to hear you've booked, hope you have a fab time!

Yes, our 4 yr old did ski and she loved it by the end of the week, though took a few days to get into it. We took her & her sister up in the bubble lift and dropped them off at lessons first thing. We were having lessons too which started right next to the kindergarden so worked really well.

Would recommend changing into ski boots at the top because she got tired walking from the chalet to bubble in the ski boots (even though not far).

All our kids went in the hot tub, no age limit that I was aware of, though we did put a swimming nappy on the little one just in case!

Don't know about repeat customer discounts - they do good early booking discounts - no harm in asking next time I guess!

MelonCauli Wed 14-Oct-09 21:45:01

We went in January too. And we are going back this coming January. We did not find that we needed anything else to do in the area. The kids were looked after so well that they didn't need further amusements - they played with the other kids in the chalet in the evening. The food and drink in the chalet were enough for us as well.
BeachMum, which chalet were you in? Which week are you going?

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