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ski-ing with 7month old

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hairband Tue 22-Sep-09 08:40:53

In shared chalet with friends, planned for next year. I'm a non-skier so can stay behind to look after the baby - but am worried about logistics of feeding (will be being weened then I guess and there won't be cooking facilities - will jars be enough?) and also going out in the cold.

DH will be really disappointed if we don't go so would love to make it work if possible - but he needs a decision ASAP (though I don't think it will be much of a break/rest for me to be honest!!)

Anyone got any experience of this?


PrincessToadstool Tue 22-Sep-09 08:44:23

No cooking facilities? What will you all eat?

hairband Tue 22-Sep-09 08:47:14

Good point!! Guess there must be..I think it's a catered chalet, so don't think we'd be allowed to use cooking facilities!

LIZS Tue 22-Sep-09 08:56:24

Jars will be fine , or ask the chalet girls to put aside some veg and you can blitz/mash if need be. Codl depends on timeof season . Januiray/February can be bitter. Layer the baby up , use a raincover as a windshield on the pram and don't go outside for long periods. Also remember altitude can cause pronblems and makes the sun more intense so use sunscreen and keep offering fluids. Brestfeeding may well be easier than the faff of sterilising and making feeds. Find a few nice cafes to rendezvous with the others(it may help if they know the resort) and where you can baggsie a table in the corner, take a book etc. If there is a spa in town maybe someone would babysit while you take a break and relax.

Bear in mind that non-parents may not realise the issues of having a young baby in tow , so late nights out , noisy boozy evenings and smoky bars/cafes may well be off limits - do check if this might become an area of conflict sooner rather than later.

greygirl Tue 22-Sep-09 11:18:04

we took a 10 month old to a chalet holiday. admittadly we knew the owners but it went great. Breakfast was easy (yoghurt and porridge and fruit) and LO adored lots of people eating breakfast with her.I would try for the babyled weaning route - offer her bread to chew, bits of fruit,etc all handily swiped from breakfast! the staff will undoubtadly offer you some veg to mash but it may be salty so consder jars for tea. we sterilised our bottles by washing them up and then tipping a kettle of boiling water over them ina colander - not perfect but if i am going to offer non-sterilsed bread and fruit i thought this was ok.
she played happily all day in tht chalet, and when we went out at night for dinner (once!) we wrapped her up really really warm. consider tights even for little boys. it will go great as long as you have access to a bathroom.

greygirl Tue 22-Sep-09 11:19:06

sorry about my spelling

hairband Tue 22-Sep-09 19:57:08

Thanks all
Found out the chalet is on the slope, a 15minute bus ride into town - so not near cafes and not really convenient to pop out for a walk. Though it is near a restaurant that is on the slopes.
Think I might feel a bit cooped up spending a week like this on my own while everyone else is ski-ing as we live in the centre of town a stone's throw away from a lot of things.. what do you think?
But it is good to know that there are more possibilities where the weaning side of things is concerned than I had thought.
Spa idea is fantastic grin

jicky Tue 22-Sep-09 20:46:10

Not sure I would enjoy this - everyone else out skiing and you at home with 7 month old all day. Think the baby logistics wrt feeding etc are less of a problem than you just waiting around for everyone else.

Or would you consider putting the baby in a creche for some of the time so that you could try skiing or at least have a break.

We took ds3 at 6 months and he did 3-4 hours a day in the creche - although he was still exclusively breast fed, so I had to pop back to feed him sometimes. Then I spent the afternoon hanging around the apartment with ds3 and ds2.

Might be better if dh went alone with friends this year.

LIZS Wed 23-Sep-09 08:19:14

oh in that case I'd agree with you and think I'd pass. It could be really tricky manoeuvring a pram or even you carrying your baby in the sling to get anywhere to meet the others and quite isolating. Feeding seems much less of an issue now. It just would n't really be much of a holiday for you.

fluffles Wed 23-Sep-09 08:24:52

we're going with friends who have an 8mnth old but they both ski so will be taking it in turns.

if your DH just skis all day and you stay in the chalet i can't see how that's fun or worth it really.... however, if he'll take the LO for a few hours each day and you can try skiing or boarding or go for a swim or even just a walk then it would be ok.

then again, i've no idea why a non-skier would go on a ski holiday regardless of whether they have a baby.... what have you and your DH done in the past? have you tried skiing or boarding?

fluffles Wed 23-Sep-09 08:26:13

p.s. if you're a complete beginner then i'd recommend a 1hr 1:1 lesson each day for you - your DH should surely be able to take the LO for an hour or so each day?

mumof2222222222222222boys Thu 24-Sep-09 16:04:41

We've taken both DSs skiing when very young (DS2 was 3 months) and DH and I took turns at skiing. Weather at Easter was hot and so sitting in cafés with semi exposed boobs was not a problem...we had a Jane 3 wheeler and then a Phil and Ted and both are fine on snow. Hilarious last year when a friend skied down slope (long story) with P&T (no kids). Not suggesting you will want to do that, but a good pushchair with a snuggle buggle thing will make life easier.

If you pre-warn chalet staff, it might make life easier? Otherwise just mush stuff up. Jars will be fine for a few days if that is easier for you. Everywhere will have a microwave.

As others have said - a week in a chalet as a non skier would be pretty dire (I've been there with knee injuries). Suggest you learn to ski (most resorts will have a creche) or think about whether it will work for you.

Kiwinyc Fri 25-Sep-09 17:41:31

fluffles: i'm a non-skier but went on a ski holiday with my DH and two DD's last Xmas. I loved the mountains (first time in Switzerland) and went tobogganing and ice skating & met my Dh for lunches. DD1 skiied, DD2 was only 2 and went to creche some of the time.

It was great. Am doing the same this xmas. I plan to go up the mountain every day and meet DH and DD1 for lunch (will take DD2 with me some days) and sit around, use the hotel spa, and read the rest of the time. I might try some cross-country skiing. As long as you don't go somewhere where these nothing at all to do but ski, a mountain holiday can be just as fab for a non-skier, and i have the gratitude of my DH for the rest of year because he loves being able to ski again when he never thought he would after we got married and had kids etc. Its also wonderful to see your 5yo whizzing down a mountain being chased by her dad!

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