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to those who have experience of skiing or lapland with young children...

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petitmaman Mon 20-Jul-09 17:38:45

We have the opportunity to go to lapland or skiing this winter with our dds, age 2 and 7. for various reasons it has to be this year.
My preference would probably be skiing but I also recognise that as I would be unpreparedto put them into a creche skiing would be limited. I am sure that they would love lapland but it just feels very extravagant. Not sure what to do....
any one with any experience? thoughts please? would skiing with a 2 year old be a nightmare? is lapland worth it?
thank you

LIZS Mon 20-Jul-09 17:45:04

Do you and/or dp ski already? A 2yr old is not realistically going to ski for long (less than 1/2hour on skis per day proabblyy, walking on a very flat surface), even if you can hire equipment to fit which can be hit and miss. 7yr old would need lessons. Go to largish resort with indoor pool and other facilities such as cleared walking paths and scenic rides on trains and lifts. Both Lapland and skiing are likely to be very cold early season and toddlers tend not to move as much as older kids and adults so feel it more keenly. tbh I used a creche for a very non-creche orientated, separation-anxiety ridden dd and it was fine for limited periods (ie a 3 hour session)

mummydoc Fri 24-Jul-09 11:32:55

we took dds aged 8 and just 3 to lapland to see santa - tbh dd2 too young, did enjoy the snow but hated hte husky rides, snowmobiles and was not that thrilled with santa either and now aged nearly 5 cannot remember it !! 8 year old loved every minute. i would go to lapland over skiing with your ages but as LIZs said see it as a snowy holiday and make sur eindoor pool etc.

teahee Mon 27-Jul-09 20:33:56

You could do both! We went to Yllas in Lapland last year and did some skiing and some Lapland activities. Our dds are 6 and 4 so did some skiing on a couple of days but also played in the ski creche for an hour or so each day. (Your two year old would be too young to ski anywhere properly). They loved playing there and we did a bit of skiing. We stayed here: which has some ideas for activities for children and information about the resort. You could also look at for ideas. When might you be thinking of going?

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 04-Aug-09 13:13:35

don't know about LapLand = have no knowledge and tbh it would not be my thing.

I have DSs aged 2 and 4 and they have done quite a lot of skiing - to clarify - we've spent a lot of time sleging / drinkng hot chocolate with them at the bottom of teh slope while one of us does a bit of skiing. I've enjoyed it (and I say that as an obsessive skier who would do 9-5 for 6 days on the trot.

Our 2 year old didn't ski this year - he was just too small (although very very keen), but we will definitely give it a go in dec when he will just be 3. However, he loved the sledging and playing in the snow.

I would recommend you go for Easter not Xmas and for a family friendly place. Mind you all the tiny places we go to have been fine.

Skiing with DS1 who was 4.5 was really good - I seriously enjoyed it. He managed to do blues from the top of the hill (2 chairs) and it was brilliant. Your DD1 will probably love it - but skiing is always more fun when weather is good and warmer.

Sorry a bit rambly, but sure you've got the message - skiing with a 2 year old doesn't have to be a nightmare and it would win for me.

Enjoy whatever you chose to do!

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