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pralinegirl Thu 09-Jul-09 10:12:18

Has anyone been with esprit and if so any experience of Chalet Verwall where their childcare is mostly based? We are in the new chalet instead and I want to know if I've made a mistake before I commit to booking.

There is baby listening in the new one!
Going mid January, hope not to

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Mon 13-Jul-09 11:00:02

We stayed at Verwall during March 08. I wasn't impressed tbh with the standard of accommodation. It was worse than your average halls of residence in terms of the bathrooms <<shudder>> etc. However, other people (including DH) thought it was okay but they are more experienced skiers than me. Perhaps I am a little too picky!

The childcare was brilliant for DS2 who was a teeny tiny 3 year old . However, poor DS1 was incredibly bored - it was only his 2nd skiing holiday so was usually the eldest child in the creche (then 7) in the afternoons. Despite the brochure promising "sledging and snow fun" etc in the afternoons, they left him to play on his DS by himself for the first 2 days - despite me specifically asking them not to. They took him sledging for all of about 20 minutes the next day so after that we took him out with us every afternoon.

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