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cheapest way to ski

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katiestar Mon 15-Jun-09 21:48:02

We are a family of 6.we have 4 DC aged 14yrs -5yrs
My 2 eldest are complaining they are the only kids they know who have never been skiing so we are seriously thinking about t next winter.
DH and I are in our early 40s and have never skiied either.
What is the cheapest way of doing it ?

wohmum Mon 15-Jun-09 22:06:30

We drove to France last Feb in half term which worked out cheaper than flying or train, plus if you need to go in school hols you will need to book flights/trainearly.

We were self catering in spot so took food and stocked up there rather than eating out

Ski school will be expensive but essential, but you can save on lift passes by just getting beginner levels.

Aim for somewhere small rather than a massive resort
We went to les sept laux with mountain heaven and was lovely but prob not really enough easygreen runs for beginners

paisleyleaf Mon 15-Jun-09 22:10:37

Or Scotland if your further north?
I've not been to Scotland ski-ing myself, so am not recommending it. Just that it might be worth looking into.

HolyGuacamole Mon 15-Jun-09 22:18:03

Try going for a deal to the Alps that includes lift passes, lessons, equipment hire and food (eating out in the Alps every day is very expensive). Mark Warner do packages like this but they can be expensive but they also do special deals, you just have to keep your eye out. Also, a few places in Italy do deals in winter with a few days passes and half board included.

What about a day out at xscape or something as a taster? I bought my little brother some snowboarding lessons from there and he decided it wasn't really his cup of tea.....saved spending a fortune on gear and holidays.

If you do get into it though, it's a brill holiday and really great fun smile

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 16-Jun-09 13:30:35

I've done Scotland...and recommend that you go to France. mind you it is good fun for the odd day when the conditions are good.

fruitshootsandheaves Tue 16-Jun-09 13:33:52

on the wii is cheapest

katiestar Wed 17-Jun-09 13:09:17

LOL fruitshoot !a holiday on the wii !!

DebInAustria Wed 24-Jun-09 08:27:46

We have a large self catering apartment, our village is still relatively cheap to eat out, and there is a good beginner points pass for skiing.Let me know if you want details

sarah293 Wed 24-Jun-09 08:31:30

Message withdrawn

skihorse Sat 18-Jul-09 17:31:57

The cheapest way will be a package to Andorra/Bulgaria - somewhere like that. You don't need glitzy nightclubs - teenagers will drink anything grin - and you don't need world-class slopes. No point paying for a premium resort at this stage of your skiing careers.

mummydoc Fri 24-Jul-09 11:30:13

debinaustria - i would like details please of your appt - how many does it sleep, wher eis it, how do we get there and cost of lift passes etc. I am trying to organise family trip over christmas/new year, need accom for 6 adults, 2 kids, 4 of the adult complete beginners and 1 child faily beginnerish and me,dh and dd1 would need full lift passes.

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