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Where to go skiing with a 5 yr old - suggestions for 2010 please

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MollieO Wed 08-Apr-09 20:50:47

I've been a bit surprised to discover that places are already getting booked up for next season. I have no clue where to go so I'd welcome some suggestions.

I would like somewhere that isn't too far from the slopes - ds whinged on the walk every day from the chalet to the lift; catered chalet preferably not too small - the one this year was too coupley and there will be just me and ds; scenic - a few trees would be nice, I'm not a motorway skier so ski area needn't be huge; finally not to long a transfer. TIA

MollieO Wed 08-Apr-09 20:51:48

Should add - I'll need childcare so I can spend some time skiing.

JRocks Wed 08-Apr-09 20:56:09

We went to Morzine this year and really enjoyed it, although after a trip up the mountain would probably go to Avoriaz another time. There are ski schools and childcare. I'm sure some more experienced people will be along with suggestions though, as I'm relatively new to it all! smile

fourkids Wed 08-Apr-09 21:30:41

la rosiere or obergurgl with esprit?

thehairybabysmum Wed 08-Apr-09 21:45:17

We stayed in La Thuile this year but skied over to La Rosiere in France for a day.

I thought it was a great resort for kids. Slopes v. near, nice modern chairlifts, wide nursery slopes. They also had an ice rink and ten pin bowling so non ski stuff to do.

THought we would go here when we take dc,s next.

Skibeat have chalets there...ive stayed with thtem in Les Arcs and they were brilliant..not cheap though but worth the money.

MollieO Wed 08-Apr-09 22:11:04

Have looked at La Rosiere but I'm worried that it may be too cold and windy early Jan. Will have a look at Obergurgl though. I find Ski Esprit's website impossible to navigate and I can't find their prices for anything!

fourkids Wed 08-Apr-09 22:16:07

We have been to la ros in jan/early feb several times. it can be cold and windy but it has never been a problem. ah, EXCEPT that the lift system is a bit antique and none of the chairs have covers - if it's blowing a blizzard you can start to feel that your face is going to freeze off on the lift! But we have hoardes of DCs and we've always been happy enough la ros is pretty near perfect for DCs I reckon! With obergurgl a close second...

skim back in this section to about Jan and you'll find lots of discussion/advice about the best (esprit) chalets etc in la ros

you're right - esprit's new website sucks!

MollieO Wed 08-Apr-09 22:36:40

Forgot to add, ski guiding would be good as I'm rubbish at reading a piste map and won't have anyone to ski with.

popmum Wed 08-Apr-09 23:13:28

we went this year to alpe dhuez with esprit - my DH really rated the resort for kids as the nursery slopes are very wide and big - they get a bus there but you can get the 'yoghurt pot' lift from just outside the hotel.
Its a club hotel so fairly socialable, there's a bar which always had someone in in - I chatted to loads of other people and we were therewith friends. childcare this year was ace (you never know how it'll change) and the ski manager there took people out on resort tours.

wildstrawberry Thu 09-Apr-09 08:26:36

Another vote for Morzine! Short transfer; tree-lined slopes; ESF provide ski-instruction and childcare; not too high - so not too cold. We love it!!

MollieO Thu 09-Apr-09 08:43:54

wildstrawberry which tour operator do you use?

mummydoc Thu 09-Apr-09 09:16:43

we have had 2 great ski holidays with crystal - first to courcheval to there club hotel st louis, and then to claviere last week to another club hotel . both had fab onsite childcare, very friendly people, ski guiding with the reps etc. claviere a bit more basic in terms of hotel but bloody good value for money and the resort very sweet with lots of trees and varied slopes none too long or dull. ski school excellent. courcheval had slight more up class hotel and resort had more skiing but was jolly expensive.

MollieO Thu 09-Apr-09 10:33:15

Looked at Courchevel. Lovely but cost is £2100 for the two of us which is without ski passes, ds's lessons, childcare so a bit beyond my budget unfortunately. I was hoping to get something for £1500 including ds's childcare/lessons/ski pass. Have found somewhere for £1900 but am baulking at the idea of paying that much for one week's holiday that doesn't involve long haul (and expensive) flights!smile

marcelthemonkey Thu 09-Apr-09 10:41:49

Simon Butler does ski holidays to Megeve. The accommodation is basic but the skiing is good. There is a creche for the kids to go to if they aren't skiing but you want to. Ski instruction, meals and airport transfers are included but you need to pay for lift passes and ski hire. There were lotd of other kids there and the chalet had a games room so it was great for the kids.

Depends how luxurious you want it to be though.

Nettee Thu 09-Apr-09 10:55:27

Kiwinyc listed the following on another thread: Esprit, Mark Warner, Ski Famille, Ski Beat, Snowline, Powder Byrne, Family Ski, Venture Ski, Premiere Neige, Ski Hillwood , Snow Focus and Ski 2 - Some of these look great (and some are v expensive) I have been with Crystal too and think they can be good value - they do some single parent saver offers in some places I think. The bigger club hotels are very sociable and you are bound to find someone you get on with there but they don't really sit everyone together for meals like you would have in a smaller chalet - they might sit you with one other couple at dinner for example. I have just been to their Turquoise club hotel and the ski to the door side of things was brilliant - ski school was just out side - but La Plagne is not the prettiest of resorts (Belle Plagne was better than some of the other villages)

MollieO Thu 09-Apr-09 11:33:08

Nettee thanks for the list. I looked at Premiere Neige but they don't split catered chalets at the moment. They are thinking of doing so for next season but aren't sure yet. I like Venture Ski and didn't think their quote was too bad but I've been a bit put off by their minimum transfer charge of £250. I need to investigate single parent savers! A lot of companies offer next to no discount for children - Skibeat was £50 - so it is almost the same cost as two adults and one child!

mummydoc Thu 09-Apr-09 12:02:04

mollieO - as regards the dinner thing both times we have been with crystal we ended up joining tables together at dinner times as we had all made friends , when we went to courchelval a few yrs back we made a big table with me and dh, another couple, one guy on his own, and an older couple with their grown up daughter so a real mixed bas so to speak.

mummydoc Thu 09-Apr-09 12:02:41

should be mixed bag not bas!!

Nettee Thu 09-Apr-09 13:11:50

A lot of the discounts are based on having 2 full paying adults - not very fair

elsmummy Fri 10-Apr-09 11:55:13

Have a look at, we went with them in March with 3 kids, and are going back next year!

CaurnieBred Fri 10-Apr-09 17:12:31

We went with Le Ski to La Tania - see review of Chalet Marmau. Really close to slopes - not a whinge from our 4 year old. They do ski guiding, so you would have people to ski with when DS at Ski School. Creche is in house. There was a real mix in the chalet: 4 families with small children, one single bloke, one group of 3 blokes, a couple and their friend and an older couple.

MollieO Fri 10-Apr-09 18:10:17

Thanks I'll look at Le Ski. I'm currently sitting here doing a spreadsheet trying to work out all the different options. I'd love to find somewhere with good childcare and skiguiding and that won't cost the same as two weeks in Barbados!

MollieO Fri 10-Apr-09 18:14:01

Will look at snowbizz as well. Am now getting a bit foggy on what I've looked at and what I haven't. I've set myself a deadline of making a decison this weekend so I can book and forget about it.

MollieO Fri 10-Apr-09 18:22:25

Think I am going to book with Le Ski, I think I looked at them when we got back from this season's trip as La Tania rang bells but I couldn't find any operator that did both childcare and skiguiding there. This looks fab and includes flights which is an added bonus.Like the look of Chalet Marmau as I reckon a bigger chalet will have more of a mix of people which was a bit of a problem at our last skiing holiday (snobby fellow guest couldn't work out how a lowly single mum like me could actually afford a holiday!). Ski guiding would mean I wouldn't have to take group lessons just to make friends (although I did meet some very nice people). grin

Kiwinyc Sat 11-Apr-09 22:32:51

Gosh you're planning early! The companies I listed in a different thread are all from a giant spreadsheet I did for last yr! My head was gonna pop from comparing them all. We ended up going with a more expensive operator because the IL's wanted to spent Xmas with us and favoured a particular location in Switzerland that only one co. did childcare at and the IL's helped out with the cost. But if we can swing it again this yr (it we go without the IL's) I liked the look of Ski2 who do Italy and Snow Focus who do a Chalet in Chatel in France.

Otherwise we favour Austria or Switzerland over France. Snowbizz has a lot of fans too. Esprit we ruled with our 5yo because she (then) wasn't old enough (by 1 week) to go into the Cocoa Club so I don't know what we were supposed to do with her at the adults only dinners!

Good luck booking something!

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