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First time skiing - what brand clothing to buy?

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chicaguapa Tue 03-Feb-09 18:41:46

We're not going until Christmas grin but I want to be prepared and look in the sales for clothes for us all. Also looking on ebay so I need to know what brands are good and what's not. DC will be 8 & 5 so I want to know they'll be warm and dry without spending a fortune on their clothing - they might even hate skiing so it'd all be a waste of money.

Also need stuff for me & DH that will last as I don't anticipate us growing out of it hmm

Also the people we are going with are experienced skiers, are unbelievably stylish and make me feel like I've just climbed out of bed. So wouldn't mind feeling/looking a bit better than that.

Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.

verylapsedrunner Tue 03-Feb-09 19:01:07

Try TK Maxx for good brands at cheap price. If you have a branch of this near you grab some stuff in the sale, it's great.

verylapsedrunner Tue 03-Feb-09 19:10:34

Should have added the Polarn o Pyret is for children and their windproof fleece & breathable, waterproof jacket are great for everyday use.

BrownSuga Tue 03-Feb-09 19:13:45

I'd avoid Columbia brand, I've been very disappointed with their stuff.

DH has just bought North Face which I think for adults is a good option if you are looking long term, but can be pricey. Also there is Berghaus, supposed to be very good, and I have a jacket from Peak Performance which I rate well and some surf company branded pants which I bought about 9yrs ago in Oz and they're still going strong.

Best bet is to get into a sports store with snow stuff, and try to buy some now in the sales, try many bits on to find what suits, what is comfortable. Look for windproof, water resistant and breathable. Also lots of pockets, they're handy for tissues, lip balm, phone, mp3 player etc.. Don't skimp on the layers. You could even go basic rain jacket for the top if you have good layers underneath.

Here are a couple of links, you can get an idea of prices

nevis sports

snow and rock - sales on!

Just type snow sports shops in google, and you'll get many more

bigTillyMint Tue 03-Feb-09 19:16:28


Their cheapest gear has always done us proudgrin, but they do more expensive stuff if looking stylish is important.

When you are on your a**e!

verylapsedrunner Tue 03-Feb-09 19:22:18

I have never bought "ski" stuff for my top half i.e. always wear layers plus a fleece and normal walking jacket (gortex style). That way you get full wear out of the kit back in the UK as well. I dress DS the same. I guess what I am saying is you can get by with ski kit on the bottom half and "walking" kit on the top half.

Have a look at Millets sale

piscesmoon Tue 03-Feb-09 19:26:06

I like Columbia. The end of season sales are the best place.

bigTillyMint Tue 03-Feb-09 19:27:30

Hi VLR, I do that too!

Infact I wear girls age 14 Decathlon stuff - I am a size 12 and tall and it still fits, but is much cheaper!

O'm such a cheapskategrin

bigTillyMint Tue 03-Feb-09 19:30:59

Oh, and I bet your DC will LOVE it. But they will grow out of their gear quickly.

Have any of your stylish friends got old stuff to pass on - it wouldn't be that embarrasing to ask as it's your first time and they probably update frequently.

verylapsedrunner Tue 03-Feb-09 19:50:11

Actually I like Columbia as well.

chicaguapa Tue 03-Feb-09 20:04:41

Thanks for all your replies. We have walking stuff as DH is from the Lakes so could investigate using that on the top with layers etc. That's a good tip.

Looked at the Swedish shop and there's one in Manchester which looks okay. There's an Ellis Brigham round the corner at Ski Rossendale that I might take a look at too. And there's a Whinfields which probably sells skiing gear. Will also look at Decathlon.

I guess now is the time to be looking in the sales.

LIZS Tue 03-Feb-09 20:12:04

Also good budget buys are H and M, Dare2Be and Trespass (who have high st stores and outlets at some discount places like Street). In past we've bought a good quality jacket and cheaper salopettes and been fine in all weathers . I got dd a Trespass jacket and salopettes for under £20 a couple of summers ago at Street! Blacks is good for end of season too and it is worth chekcing out skiwear4less who have end of lines of big brands and do local warehouse sales.

samsonara Tue 03-Feb-09 20:30:30

The TKMAXX in Manchester, usually has a good skiwear sale

willali Wed 04-Feb-09 09:01:34

Don't laugh but Lidl do ski wear (down to the socks, neck warmers, helmets, under layers etc etc) at ridiculous prices. HAving ski-ed in one of the coldest places last year decked out in all this stuff I can guarantee that it is warm enough for anywhere. Total price per person for EVERYTHING is less than £50. Of course t is not "branded" but who cares??

The last 2 years they have had the ski wear in around NOvemnber. If you go to the Lidl website and sign up for their weekly bulletins you will get pre warning when the stuff is coming in (butget there on the day as it sells out v quickly)

LunarSea Wed 04-Feb-09 09:58:05

Second all the above. And has anyone mentioned Tchibo yet? Again like the Lidl (and Aldi for that matter) stuff it's grab it when you see it or it'll be gone, but it's another good source of basics.

sandyballs Fri 06-Feb-09 21:39:07

Look on ebay in the summer. We are going ski-ing at the end of this month with our two 8 year olds and i managed to buy 2 ski jackets, 2 pairs of salopettes and gloves for £36 delivered! We've just tested them out in the snow this week and they are fab. The make is Tog 24, which I've never heard of but when I googled it I was amazed at the price new.

Waswondering Fri 06-Feb-09 21:42:19

TK Maxx.

See if you can get polar buffs too!

aintnomountainhighenough Fri 06-Feb-09 22:18:34

Would definitely say TK Maxx as I noticed some really nice stuff this year but you need to be early I think. The other place I have bought stuff is Aldi. For my DD I bought thermals, socks, ski jacket and salopettes. This week I bought thermasl for my DS for 2.49 (half price!) and they're really good. Finally would also say Tchibo, although havent got anything from there myself, but a girl in our chalet had a fab pair of ski trousers!

The other thing that is probably worth buying for your DCs are ski helmets. We bought one for our DD this year and although it cost 35quid it would have been 18 quid to hire for one week and will last at least 3 years.

Good luck with getting some bargains!

chicaguapa Sun 08-Feb-09 11:35:26

Thanks for all the advice and have been having a good look round. I'm having difficulty finding a jacket I like though. They all make me look really big! I'm only a size 12 but apparently I need a large!

I wondered if anyone could recommend some flattering salopettes? Or is there no such thing? grin I can see my vision looking like VB on the slopes vanishing fast.

LIZS Sun 08-Feb-09 11:41:30

As a beginner you need to put practicality - waterproof, breathable and padded with room to flex knees and bum - over style ! You may spend a lot of time in the snow and won't want to get soaked through early on.

Waswondering Sun 08-Feb-09 19:43:05

I have plain black sallopetes with removable straps, so they can be trousers on their own. (I just wish I knew where I've put them as I want them for next weekend!!) Then a co-ordinating jacket. I know ski jackets aren't flattering but you'll be surrounded by people wearing similar colours!! Also decide re jackets if you want one which has a fleece zipped inside - handy for layering, eg if you have clear skies and sunshine, a fleece might be perfect rather than the full jacket. Alternatively if it's dinging down a blizzard the fleece and coat together are cosy!!

Kiwinyc Sun 08-Feb-09 22:38:56

Tchibo stuff is fantastically good and fantastic value. But you have to keep an eye on their website and wait for it to come up, they do kids stuff and then adults stuff seperately. Its excellent quality however and it performed well on our first-time ski holiday over Xmas.

LIZS Wed 11-Feb-09 15:12:39

Tchibo still had plenty of adult stuff in store today - jackets and salopettes , gloves and goggles etc.

constantlycooking Fri 13-Feb-09 14:17:02

Also Matalan do cheap ski stuff - good for children. Remember to get two pairs of gloves/mittens as they don't always dry overnight.
Also SportsWorld is good for cheap stuff esp socks.
Also love Tchibo!

BoffinMum Mon 16-Feb-09 08:51:32

Tchibo's stuff is just great. Never seen any point in spending more.

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