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Driving to french alps - where is easy to get to?

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janmoomoo Tue 06-Jan-09 22:39:06

Thinking of doing this for a long weekend in end Feb/early March. Just adults, bomb it down there is people carrier. But not done it before and no idea where is easily accessible. Anyone done it and can recommend where is easy to drive to? Thinking French Alps but anywhere really.

MmeJaffaB Wed 07-Jan-09 08:59:27

hear have a look at this website. We have always done the savoie/vanoise alps, takes about 7.5 hrs from Calais, quite a trek for along weekend.

MrsBadger Wed 07-Jan-09 09:10:49

anywhere is far - we go to the trois vallees but it is a loong way
if you have more than 2 drivers and can travel through the night it'd be easier

and def get the Shuttle - ferry + drive is way too long

Nettee Wed 07-Jan-09 10:11:47

I think Chamonix is the classic place to drive to. Have to drive to the lifts in the morning as well but as you will have your car....

janmoomoo Wed 07-Jan-09 13:34:02

Thanks. Will look at that site. So Vanoise area is basically Tignes and Val D'Isere? And Mont Blanc area is Chamonix? That looks do-able.

We are used to long drives as drive to MIL in South of France which is 10 hours, so 8 hours sounds fine (but still a long way!)

LunarSea Wed 07-Jan-09 13:53:28

The Morzine/Chatel/Flaine/Samoens area resorts are easy to get to by car - not too far from Geneva and motorway nearly all the way.

janmoomoo Thu 08-Jan-09 20:31:58

Great, will look into those, thanks.

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