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where should I look for last minute cheap ski hols in Europe over xmas/NY?

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MizZan Sun 02-Nov-08 00:10:06

We are seriously credit crunched but really hoping to ski this year, and am wondering whether it might be doable to score a last-minute cut price bargain somewhere. can be very very last minute (like 1-2 weeks before). can be over Christmas, or over New Year's, or in between, or Dec. 17th-25th or something. not fussy about where. but can anyone recommend a good place to find these? website? travel agent? direct with a particular resort? any suggestions appreciated. we have a 3 yo and 6 yo who have never skiied before.

Lapsedrunner Sun 02-Nov-08 07:18:02

I would think you are more likely to get something for Christmas rather than New Year.

debinaustria Sun 02-Nov-08 08:04:49

I would agree with Lapsedrunner, definitely try for Christmas, 20th-27th. New Year is booked up a year in advance in many places.

LunarSea Sun 02-Nov-08 08:27:14

Christmas is less popular than New Year. The week before Christmas is often spectacularly quiet (and cheap). We do self-catering and drive down which keeps the cost pretty low. The Northern part of the French Alps are easy to get to from the Channel - we like Samoens, which is one of the nearest resorts, and motorway nearly all the way. You'd need to get the gondola up in the morning, but there's a large free car park right in front of it.

There are some quite good chalet deals fror the week before Christmas on Iglu at the moment if you're not too constrained by school holidays.

MizZan Sun 02-Nov-08 21:06:34

thanks for the suggestions. have just been on iglu and it looks like there may be a few possibilities. you are all absolutely right about christmas being much cheaper than new year. I'm wondering if we'd be better off waiting a few weeks as they may drop the prices?

Lapsedrunner Mon 03-Nov-08 06:58:30

If you can go at Christmas I definitely plan on that rather than New Year. If your nerves are up to it then perhaps wait a bit, especially if you look at the number of offers still available here

Lapsedrunner Mon 03-Nov-08 07:00:51

Should have added Esprit is a family specialist so good for a 3 & 6 year old. Note that the prices do not include childcare, lessons, lift pass, ski hire etc.

kate55 Mon 03-Nov-08 07:08:00

Call the hotels direct. ours is £2,000 cheaper for a family of 5 than crystal (Quote from crystal without flights) and we are driving.

Lapsedrunner Mon 03-Nov-08 08:19:00

Drive to Austria ans you should find a fair ammount of Christmas availability (I want to go as wellgrin} like this,en,SCH1,1402/waitCount,1/result.html;jsessionid=0a02028cd4e5d8839801 cbbe4d63845fecfbe8e0bb6e.e38Mc30Oc3iQay0Lah4QbhmMbi0?HOTELCOOP=0&search.x=18&search.y=11&sd_MN=10&rl s=Austria&maxLines=1&sr0=&sd_YN=2008&SPECIALHOTEL=0&search=search&curr=EUR&SUITABLEFOR=SUITABLEFOR%4 01&bd=&sbe=0&mf_chd=0&proximity=&season=at2&sd_D=20&OTHERFACIL=OTHERFACIL%40M&r0=1&sd_L=&sd_M=11_200 8&lm=false&sd_DN=3&rls_chd=false&a0=2&maid_dbg=1402&showprodfacils0=false&startRegion=Austria&mf=ACC %24RECRFACIL%406&mf=ACC%24LOCATION%404&jse=1&ed_M=11_2008&ed_L=&d=7&acsr=RGN7at&rlse=1&ed_D=27&SRVFA CIL=SRVFACIL%407&SRVFACIL=SRVFACIL%40F&frm=extended&LOCATION=LOCATION%40CABLECAR&ref=5&s=0&r=RGN7at& p=&c0=2&ac=&y03=&y01=6&y02=&y00=3

Lapsedrunner Mon 03-Nov-08 08:21:39

If you can book 21-28 Dec the flights are a bit cheaper eg Easyjet has 3 flights per day Gatwick-Innsbruck

MizZan Mon 03-Nov-08 21:11:40

ooh, lots of good suggestions. am also following thread on where to drive to (though have no car at the moment, which could be a problem...).

esprit looks lovely but way out of our budget range, and we will be providing our own childcare (or using resort's own creche somewhere if it's very inexpensive) - can't possibly do travel + hotel/apt + food + ski passes and rental + childcare too, not at an all-singing all-dancing place anyway.

ah for the days when we could afford Simply Travel...2 kids put paid to that. Never mind - we will find a way!

pamelat Tue 04-Nov-08 13:30:35

crystal ski have some cheap ish Xmas breaks. We want New Year and are waiting to see if it becomes affordable/cheap, otherwise we just wont go.

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