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crossing paris to trave by train to grenoble?

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wohmum Sat 25-Oct-08 00:44:55

Has anyone crossed paris by underground with 2 kids, skis, bags etc to get the train to grenoble?

how hard is it? and is it just too much hassle?

contemplating it to save some money!

Miffyinsurrey Sat 25-Oct-08 07:25:23

If you can manage to get down to the underground it is fairly easy once down there. I think there is a direct metro from gare du nord to gare de lyon.

The problem we had was that we were unable to carry all our luggage (due to children being 5 and 2), no lift to metro, so we ended up getting a taxi across Paris.

If your children are older or you can travel with less stuff you might manage to get down to the metro.

This year we are doing the direct train to bourg st maurice. Hopefully the year after the children will be able to carry their bags and maybe we will be brave enough to cross paris again!

In general I would recommend train travel for skiing..we normally go this way and enjoy it.

wohmum Sun 26-Oct-08 11:59:12

Thanks - our 2 are 5 and 9, so might be a bit easier, but we always seem to end up taking a load of stuff - boots bags ad skiis as well so it may not be manageable!

shame - I was quite looking forward to a train journey down. the train is so much easier than flying or driving.

Miffyinsurrey Wed 29-Oct-08 21:44:17

Have you looked into options changing at Lille Europe instead of Paris..I think there are a few trains to the alps from there and you would only have to walk across a platform.

I hope I haven't put you off the it is a lovely way to travel when going skiing. Maybe you could still do the Paris change and manage to get your bags to the metro as your 9 yr old would be able to stand at the bottom of the steps with the younger 2 while you and your DH carry the bags down each stage. Otherwise you could get a taxi across Paris as we wasn't too expensive.

All in all I would recommend the train but it is worth planning the Paris change in advance so you know how you will get stuff down to metro etc.

Beachcomber Wed 29-Oct-08 21:58:04

You can fly direct to grenoble from quite a few destinations.

We live near(ish) Grenoble and during ski season we can fly direct to Glasgow for example.

wohmum Wed 29-Oct-08 22:27:23

When we looked at trains , going out we could chnage at Lille and as you say , its an easier change, but coming back the only availability was via paris, hence our concern.

I agree it does sound a lovely way to go and would be my preference over flying any day.

But anyway we have finally booked somewhere for 1/2 term in Les Sept Laux with the intention to drive - but there was no avaiability on eurotunnel for the friday or saturday , so we have decided to take the boys out of school a day early and go on Thursday night, coming back on the monday 10 days later ( luckily monday is a training day!)

I hadblt ralised how booked up the journeys woud be - planes are 3 tmes the price to go at 1/2 term weekends, trains fully booked , eurotunnel ect - I thought it was just the resorts that you had to book early - hadn't thought it through clearly!

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