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our ski holiday has just been credit crunched...will i get a super cheap last min at New Year??

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noonar Fri 24-Oct-08 18:23:26

we've decided that we can't afford to pay the £2700 balance for our holiday over new year. this wouldve included all food, lessons, lift passes etc for a family of 4. we're losing our £400 deposit.

wanted to ask if any one was watching the last minute deals last there any chance of getting a ridiculously cheap hol if we book a couple of days before we go, dyou think?? (ie under a grand for a family of 4)

LIZS Fri 24-Oct-08 18:29:12

Think it is pretty unlikely depending unless you can be very flexible, perhaps drive down and book sc independently. You are looking at probably £250 for lift passes for a week alone plus lessons etc since the euro is strong against the £. Sympathies, we too have no firm plans to ski this season . We had planned to go to Florida but have decided against that and no ski booking made yet.

tiredemma Fri 24-Oct-08 18:30:50

Cant you transfer your deposit to a summer holiday with the same company? that way you wont lose your deposit and will have longer to find the balance

noonar Fri 24-Oct-08 18:32:42

liz, its depressing, isnt it?

tiredemma, what a good idea...wonder if crystal would let me...will phone them...

clam Fri 24-Oct-08 18:34:06

We've just had this debate. Do we wait and see if any bargains come up for February (but half term, along with the rest of the world), or bite the bullet now and get the accommodation we want.

(We've done the latter. May be bit stupid, but too late now)

tiredemma Fri 24-Oct-08 18:34:46

worth a try. You may have to pay an admin fee of about £40.

Crystal do some nice summer Lake and Mountain holidays, they are also part of the Thomson group so you may be able to swap it to a Thomson holiday. (Dont quote me though!!)

clam Fri 24-Oct-08 18:35:31

Although, £3100 incl all food, sounds llike quite a good deal to me. But that's irrelevant if you're being crunched.
Best of luck. smile

noonar Fri 24-Oct-08 18:39:40

clam, it was £2100 for 4 of us 'catered'. this actually excluded lunch, thinking about it. it was a good deal, we got a free child place... but the room is a tiny quad.

noonar Fri 24-Oct-08 18:40:55

the other 1000 was for the extras, so i guess we'll pay that on any last min holiday. it doesnt add up, does it? we wont get cheaper.

tiredemma Fri 24-Oct-08 18:45:15

Sort it out pronto though Noonar- Once you get within 8 weeks of departure they may not change it.

snorkle Fri 24-Oct-08 23:05:13

I can't see that you'll get a ski holiday for 4 for much less than £2k once you've included ski passes, equipment hire, lessons, insurance etc, etc. to be honest. But it's always worth a look - you just might get lucky.

Miffyinsurrey Sat 25-Oct-08 07:30:58

could you postpone the skiing holiday to the Easter hols - same accommodation, same company? (or holiday might be much cheaper if you can go week before Christmas). It would be awful for you to spend £400 and not have the holiday.

I'm feeling worried about the rate of £ to Euro for our holiday as we are self catering and will be buying everything there...we are going at New Year. I can't wait to go skiing though.

I really hope you find a way of going.

noonar Sat 25-Oct-08 14:17:51

thanks all, but suggested this to dh but her went loopy. said we werent in a position to be even considering booking another holiday.

MrsGhoulofGhostbourne Tue 28-Oct-08 16:34:00

noonar - sad to read about this as you have given lots of helpul skiing advice to me and other here - hope things are better next year.

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