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Skibeat- any good?

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rubberduckling Sat 11-Oct-08 20:50:58

I'm thinking of going for a 1wk skiing holiday to Les Arcs in January with our baby who'll be 15months then. Has anyone been with Skibeat or used their creche? Would love to know if they're any good.

wigglesmum Sun 12-Oct-08 22:34:07

We went to Les Arcs-Plan Peisey with Skibeat last March wiht our then 18 month year old DS.
I thought Ski Beat were good. The food was a lot more basic than on other chalet holidays we've been on, but the chalet was comfortable and they provided all the necessary baby equipment- stair gates, highchair, baby bath etc
Our son was in the creche, which is VERY (imho)small but he seemed relatively happy there (they had Happyland toys, painting etc)- he has never been in childcare before. The creche staff were quite young but the childcare manager was excellent. We said we didn't want him walking around with them in town or to go on the bucket lifts and whenever we bumped into them they had stuck to our request. He was always wrapped up with his sunglasses and suncream on in the pushchair.
We were definitely considering going back next year, but in the end we found a good deal with Crystal Finest.
If you have any other questions just ask

rubberduckling Tue 14-Oct-08 09:16:53

Thanks Wigglesmum, that's all good to know. Sounds as though the creche staff listened to you which is my main concern as DS dairy allergic so they have to be careful with him. Thinking of their 'select' chalet catering option so hoping for improved food! Did they make your DS decent evening meals in chalet? Was there somewhere to get nappies etc. in town?

wigglesmum Tue 14-Oct-08 23:25:43

Hi Rubberduckling

I had wanted to go for 'select' chalet but we were a last minute booking so its wasn't available, but they are definitely meant to be nice. Our food wasn't grim- actually very tasty- but we're more used to the 'select service' standard with cheeseboard etc

In terms of food in chalet for DS- it was OK. I think we suffered a bit because it was nearly the end of season (March)and our chalet host was kind of bored and had begun to cut corners and we it was also just the 3 of us with a big group of friends. His food was things like baked potatoes, sausage and mash, fish cakes. I actually snuck a peek in the chalet recipe file/ guidelines and the children's menu looked really good in that but the chalet host wasn't really sticking to it. The chalet host was really good catering for the adults with dislikes and allergies though, so I'm sure you'd be fine with your DS. They'll probably think of a good menu for him. Plus if you're in a select service chalet you'll have a better cook as your host so I imagine your DS will get fab meals!

There is one small supermarket in Plan Peisey (the Sherpa) and they have some interesting French baby food, but not from what I recall that many nappies. Maybe pampers, but I can't remember what size blush. We took all our nappies with us.On the chalet staff day off I bought some veggies and things from the Sherpa and made my DS some rostis in the chalet kitchen.

We really did have a fab time. It was our first holiday since DS was born and we managed to relax but also have fun with DS. Plan Peisey is very quiet- are you just going with your DP and DS or in a group?

Hope this helps

wigglesmum Tue 14-Oct-08 23:27:11

Sorry- that didn't read very well. I should have said it was just the 3 of us in with a group of friends who we didn't know.

rubberduckling Wed 15-Oct-08 09:42:00

Thanks again Wigglesmum. That all sounds good. Its going to be us 3 travelling alone. I know that another couple & infant have booked into the chalet already so at worst it could get filled with a group of 6 other people. Quiet resort is fine for us - by the time we've skied & looked after DS in the evenings we won't be wanting too much activity! smile

rubberduckling Wed 15-Oct-08 09:43:03

Thanks again Wigglesmum. That all sounds good. Its going to be us 3 travelling alone. I know that another couple & infant have booked into the chalet already so at worst it could get filled with a group of 6 other people. Quiet resort is fine for us - by the time we've skied & looked after DS in the evenings we won't be wanting too much activity! smile

Wheelybug Wed 15-Oct-08 09:46:45

We've used Skibeat twice although not to Les Arcs. We have found them very good compared to people we've used before (but then that was First choice and Crystal). We had a particularly good experience in La Rosiere earlier this year - chalets are new and we were lucky to have fantastic chalet hosts who loved cooking so really made an effort for the adults and dd (who was the only child in the chalet).

Creche wise - we've been very happy although at La Plagne is was a bit too small but dd was only 13 months at the time so wasn't a problem. I wouldn't go back there with older children though. The creche at La Rosiere is huge. Probably thinking Les Arcs next time (2010) though so good to read the reviews (although dd would be 5 by then so skiing we should, all being well (touch wood and all that) have a 12 month old as well.

mum2oneloudbaby Thu 16-Oct-08 21:27:28

rubberduckling we were just about to post the exact same question as we are planning to go in March with then dd 15 month old so this is really great

wigglesmum - any tips on leaving a child who has never been in childcare as dd has only ever stayed at grandparents

Wheelybug - we were looking at La Rosiere but we are a bit put of by the number of drag lifts how did you find it?

CaurnieBred Fri 17-Oct-08 09:48:33

We went to Plan Peisey this April with SkiBeat with our then 3.5 year old DD - we stayed in the Bayona Chalet. It was wonderful. It was not a select chalet, but given the quality of the food you would never have known. The hosts were actually a more mature couple (retired police) and this, to us, led to a much more structured and organised approach than we had had with previous chalet holidays (not with SkiBeat). The Chalet is right across from the ski school and the ski lifts and is literally a two minute walk to the creche. Our DD was really settled in the creche - had no problems with leaving her and we just called the nannies when we were ready to collect her (as they took the kids out every afternoon so you had to call them to find out where they were!). The children's food was excellent - all freshly made. No idea what the creche food was like but DD certainly didn't lose weight.

The only thing we didn't like about Plan Peisey was the snow garden. By April it was a small, dirty, slush pit and any nursery skiing level over and above that the kids needed to go up the mountain on the chair. As this is DD's first skiing season, we decided to go to La Tania this time as we like where their snow garden is plus the fact there is a small drag area and nursery slope so she won't need to go up the mountain. We are going with Le Ski this time as we prefer the location of their chalet and they also give a much better child discount than Skibeat!

Would not hesitate to recommend SkiBeat though. Their admin and service was second to none.

Wheelybug Fri 17-Oct-08 17:32:40

mum2one - we didn't really have a problem with the drags - didn't think there were that many to be honest and I dont' really like drags either. The only one that was a bit iffy was from the bottom of a black all the way up to the top of another run (but that may have been because it was my first black and I was feeling a little wobbly at that point !). It was a great resort unless I think you are a really good skier. The skibeat apartments/creche were fantastic.

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