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Snow chains - where to hire?

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MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 02-Oct-08 19:03:20

And does it depend on model, make of car etc or are they universal fit? Last time I iused them was about 15 years ago pre-kids and I am hoping grin that desgn might have improved since then. ( Yes, I know I should proably google, but i only now trust advice when it comes from mumnsetters...

WendyWeber Thu 02-Oct-08 19:04:41

If you're hiring they should come with (except in France, but French hire rates are way lower than eg Switz) - where are you going?

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 02-Oct-08 19:33:06

Am takin gown car ( Ford galaxy) and going beginning of January to La Rosiere. (Incidentally, checking the route on Via Michelin whcih is usually fantastic, it wants to take me via the Petit St Bernard pass, which I KNOW will be closed as I shall be skiing on that road which is a piste in the winter!!!!)

WendyWeber Thu 02-Oct-08 19:36:56

Ah - in that case I have no idea, sorry!

MrsBadger Thu 02-Oct-08 19:42:06

just buy them
they are about £25 in Halfords
there are a few different ones for diff models

you'll probably only need to use them the last 100yds

snorkle Thu 02-Oct-08 19:52:28

Yes, different sizes for different cars. The cheapest place is usually any large French supermarket, but if you're unlucky they'll be out of your size. You do HAVE to have them on some mountain roads in winter, even though you're unlikely to need them.

debinaustria Thu 02-Oct-08 20:45:17

If they're cheap to buy in the UK I would say buy them , the right size and practice before you go . Even though we've done 3 winters here we still practice each Autumn to remind us which way round they go as putting them on for the very 1st time in sub zero temperatures, a white out or howling gales is not conducive to a happy holiday experience.

MrsBadger Thu 02-Oct-08 20:51:56

...esp with kids fighting in back of car

def buy here & practise

verylapsedrunner Fri 03-Oct-08 07:59:14

I've got a set you can borrow.....if I can find them and if they fit your wheels...and you if live in Berkshire area?....all a bit iffy reallygrin

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 03-Oct-08 09:40:15

VLD - thanks , thaat is extremely kind - however I think I will probably buy and practise - in daylight, on my drive. I have seen some online that appear to be foolproof hmm

LunarSea Fri 03-Oct-08 11:29:14

Wait until you get to France and buy them in the hypermarkets there. Much cheaper than in the UK. They do come in different sizes though, so make sure you get the right ones.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 03-Oct-08 11:49:15

(lunarsea - thanks - love the name!)

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