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janinlondon Wed 17-Sep-08 13:22:01

Complete longshot. Has anyone been to Yllas?

janinlondon Wed 17-Sep-08 15:53:25

Widening my criteria in the light of overwhelming response - anywhere at all in Finland...?

CountessDracula Wed 17-Sep-08 15:55:35

I have been to Yllas
It is freezing
there are no lift other than drags so you freeze almost to death on the way up (this was 2 yrs ago tehy may have a chair now)
There are hardly any runs
The food is challenging (think reindeer and salmon, all the time)
The snow is incredible though!

CountessDracula Wed 17-Sep-08 15:56:33

oh and as it is regularly 20 below you have to wear 96 layers plus a kwik-fit style jumpsuit which is a nightmare when you want to go to the loo

Forget it with kids
you would spend all day dressing and undressing htem

CountessDracula Wed 17-Sep-08 15:58:47

Have to take dd swimming
Will be back later to answer any further qs!

janinlondon Wed 17-Sep-08 16:22:06

Thanks CD. We have done Norway twice, so have encountered the excessively salmon-based menu and extreme cold before (and not yet put off!!). We have all the kit, and kids are all 9 years or over. After you posted I checked (panic) and it looks like they have installed not just a chair but a gondala too (woohoo)! We are only very intermediate skiers, but have a hankering to see the Northern lights and get in a few runs in what they laughingly call the days. Main priority is lack of other skiers and queues. I am guessing we might get that here grin?

janinlondon Wed 17-Sep-08 16:22:48

CD where did you stay?

giddykipper Wed 17-Sep-08 16:25:02

A friend of mine went last year and loved it. Really cold but brilliant snow, really good for intermediates. Flood lit slopes in the evening as well I think. We are thinking about it for next Easter because it's so snow sure.

CountessDracula Wed 17-Sep-08 20:13:09

We stayed in some dumpy cabin nearby attached to a snow village that was never open

There is a hotel in Yllas (Saaga I htink it was called) that seemed ok - we took refuge in it one night while waiting for someone. It has a spa too. It is near the lifts you may even be able to ski in the back of it I can't remember.

The snow was truly truly amazing though!
Runs very short and if you are even a bit intermediate you will have done the whole place in half a day! I wouldn't be fooled by their piste map either - they claim a black or two but that is rubbish. For red read blue, for black read red. Blues are just nursery slopes there really.

teahee Wed 17-Sep-08 21:23:11

Have you looked at for lots of information about Lapland and Yllas. We're going to Yllas staying in a log cabin Friends who have been say it's good for families - good snow, no queues.

janinlondon Thu 18-Sep-08 09:46:48

Thanks both. CD the Saaga hotel is where we were thinking of - I am a rubbish skier (rest of family are okay but I am so slow they all sing the theme from Lawrence of Arabia when I am coming down the slopes) so quite fancy being able to say I've been on some red runs. I mean what's the chance of anyone I know ever going there and finding me out? grin Teahee am off to look at that link now. Thanks.

mejon Thu 18-Sep-08 23:04:07

We've been to Yllas twice - the last time earlier this year with 17 month old DD in tow. Two separate villages make up Yllas - Yllasjarvi where the Yllas Saaga Hotel is appears to be a more purpose-built area and the gondola was opened there at the beginning of 2008. Akaslompolo is a more traditional village with lots of log cabins dotted around. There is a supermarket, some restaurants and a few small shops. I can't comment on the skiing really as we only did some very basic cross-country skiing on both occasions - we really only went there for the snow!

The Trip Advisor Lapland Forum is a mine of information as is the one teahee mentions.

We've also been to Levi once and I think if we were to go to Lapland again, especially with a toddler in tow, we'd probably opt for Levi as its a little bit more compact - Yllas/Akaslompolo is quite spread out and it is a good walk to most places.

Temperature wise, we've only ever travelled at the beginning of January and have experienced temperatures ranging from +1 to nearly -20 so not too cold!

janinlondon Fri 19-Sep-08 09:47:16

Thank you Mejon - very helpful!

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