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Does anyone know if there's likely to be enough snow in new hampshire USA at Christmas

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thirtysomething Wed 03-Sep-08 21:05:41

we are thinking of skiing there for the first time but can't work out if usually snowy then or not!

willali Thu 04-Sep-08 09:50:16

You will have more snow than you can shake a fist at and it will be extremely cold so you really need to do your research on what clothes to take if it is your first time skiing. I went to Vermont in Feb and spoke to the ski school people who were really great about advising on cold weather gear - it sounds crazy as you would expect it to be cold on a skiing holiday but this is severe cold ie minus 20 degrees on a good day. They closed the slopes on one day in Vermont because of frost bite danger at the top of the mountain!! It is very different to skiing in Europe but we found the Americans to be well organised and efficient and ski school excellent.

LIZS Mon 08-Sep-08 17:43:02

We skied over there one Christmas befroe having kids - Wildcat, Waterville Valley, Loon Mountain, Conway - but it was bitterly cold . We've also been in some cold spots in the Alps but wouldn't take the kids over there at that time of the season as it seemed rather worse.

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