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I am trying to book a skiing holiday, why is this so difficult!!! Please help me with it!!!!!

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Dreadfulwoman Tue 26-Aug-08 09:01:26

I want to go skiing on the 7th Feb 2009, for one week, just dd (4) and myself. I want to (preferably) go with First Choice, as we had to cancel a holiday with them and so won't lose the deposit if we book a new holiday.

All I want is somewhere where an adult beginner can ski, and a 4 year old can ski. In one resort she can ski, but it is an extra £600 on top of two full adult fares because there are only two of us. At another resort she cannot ski because she is to young, At another resort I can't even work out what is going on-what am I doing wrong!! She is 5 two weeks after we land back in England, so is old enough to do it (we know a family that go every year with a dd a year younger, but go in a group of 16 and I don't know them well enough to ask what to do!)

CSLG Tue 26-Aug-08 18:07:47

She can ski at Klosters - my dd tried last year at nearly 3 - she's going to ski school this year. There is a very family friendly mountain area where they take young children so you could both learn together there

fairycakequeen Thu 28-Aug-08 08:54:00

Have a look into holidays in Sainte Foy, France. We went with Premiere Neige last year, we stayed in a two-bedroom self catered apartment. My youngest was 4 when we went, and he was able to ski, the big ski school there (ESF) take children from 4 for ski lessons. And under 7s dont have to get a lift pass, they can use the lifts for free - bonus! Its a really nice little resort, very family friendly and so much cheaper than the mega-resorts like Val and Tignes.
Hope this helps!

SueW Thu 28-Aug-08 09:13:44

If you're trying on the net, go into a shop and get them to help you. Before you do, find out roughly what discount you could expect if you booked on the internet and then ask them to match it (or something towards it after all, you are using their expertise!)

sinclair Tue 02-Sep-08 11:04:16

Have you called First Choice and given them the problem as it were?

Are you looking for childcare so that you can ski on when your DC's lessons are finished? Or are you looking for a resort where they are other things to do? Would second Ste Foy - the ski school is brilliant, it is quite a new resort and not linked and they are very helpful. Not sure if there is formal childcare there (do Prem Neige do childcare packages?) but it is the sort of place where the lady at the shop will know someone who can help. We stayed at self catering in Les Fermes de Sainte Foy - pricey but it has a pool - and it is right at the ski school so minimum admin with the 2 sets of skis and poles blah blah.

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