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skiing holiday for a non skier

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Jo15 Wed 13-Aug-08 19:18:04

We are hoping to go on a skiing holiday next year as my dh loves it and we want to introduce dd1(5) and dd2 (3) to skiing. We are also going with my parents-in-law who are very experienced skiers. I have tried skiing in the past but it is not for me. I enjoy being at the resorts but will never get to grips with skiing. My parents-in-law are not convinced that it would be a good idea for us to go on holiday with me not wanting to ski. However, I am sure I would still have a good time watching the children and doing other things around the resort. Can anyone recommend ski resorts with activities on offer other than skiing. Hope such a place exists...

expatinscotland Wed 13-Aug-08 19:20:25

How about snow shoeing? I did a lot of that when I was injured after a skiing accident and able to exercise, but not yet recovered enough to ski.

Or ice skating?

claricebeansmum Wed 13-Aug-08 19:21:55

Lots of places offer cross country ski-ing too as well as downhill. I always see lots of walkers under the lifts.

LIZS Wed 13-Aug-08 19:30:08

Most fo the larger resorts have other things to do like a indoor pool, spa (sometimes within a hotel), cleared walking paths not all ahve cross country thoguh and you need to find somewhere that is at high altitude to be snowsure enough for that . Personally I think most French and Italian purpose built resorts would struggle to interest you for a week and have good enough skiing. Look at some of the larger established resorts in Austria(maybe St Anton, Zell am see, Kitzbuehl ), Switzerland (Sass Fee, Grinelwald/Wengen, Zermatt or Engelberg) or perhaps Chamonix or Portes du Soleil which offer a mixture of activities, bustle and are scenic. Presumably the pils and dh know some of those anyway and most resorts have a website these days for you to get a feel for what is going on off piste.

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