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Esprit Chalets at Plan Peisey - advice please!!

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Kitsilano Tue 12-Aug-08 21:40:49

We are booked to go to these next year 3 families, each with baby and 4 year old.

Which room would you choose? Top floor room sounds lovely but would kids get woken by noise from the living room/breakfast being prepared in the morning?


Kitsilano Wed 13-Aug-08 07:57:13



I went here last year and never saw the top room so not sure what they're like. We stayed on the floor below the kitchen/dining room/living room and we never heard any noise.

They are lovely chalets and will be even better with the Trans Arcs been open this year! Our friends are going back in Jan but we decided to go over to La Plagne instead.

Be warned - there's a lot of steps down to the chalets - so in the morning its a bit of a climb up. But you can leave your skis at the top chalet which is good.

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