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Would you take a pushchair on your ski holiday?

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kb101 Mon 10-Mar-08 10:49:23

Just wondering whether to take pushchair on ski hol to Morzine. The nanny can provide a pushchair for ds1 (2.8) and ds2 (10 months), but not sure if we should take at least a single pushchair to use when queueing at airports etc.

Any thoughts and experience appreciated!


moopymoo Mon 10-Mar-08 10:51:56

I would take one - if it is you and dh and 2 children you will run out of hands at the airport when collecting bags. Plus where do you put them if they fall asleep on the plane? I am assuming nanny is at the ski resort, not travelling with you.

jicky Wed 12-Mar-08 18:47:33

Trunki case for ds1 and sling for ds2. Means your dh/dp can deal with putting all luggage on trolleys and you can carry/tow dss.

vesela Thu 20-Mar-08 12:08:14

Even if you take a pushchair it's worth taking the baby actually on to the plane in a carrier, just for ease of getting on and off the plane, stowing your hand luggage etc.

vesela Thu 20-Mar-08 12:09:49

On the same subject, should we take a three-wheeler or a more lightweight pushchair skiing? We're driving so would just about have room for the three-wheeler, although it would take up a lot of space.

MeMySonAndI Thu 20-Mar-08 12:10:56

As long as you don't take it into the slopes, I can't see why not!

LIZS Thu 20-Mar-08 15:53:34

if there is likely to be snow in resort or you plan winter walks on cleared, if snowy, paths then 3 wheeler is better, nothing worse than small wheels in slush !

katebee Thu 20-Mar-08 17:51:32

we have a just three year old and after much deliberation took a was very useful for the journey and also in resort for afternoon naps as it was easier to get our daughter to sleep after lunch by having a quick push in buggy round resort. A three wheeler would be more cumbersome to take but would be much better if you are likely to push in slushy conditions..the maclaren could only be pushed along the gritted road or in the indoor shopping area.

wheelybug Thu 20-Mar-08 17:54:58

We took one 2 years ago when dd was just over 1 but didn't use it - we borrowed a backcarrier from the creche which worked far better. This year dd was just over 3 and we didn't take one but she doesn't use one much anyway at home.

However, we were in La Rosiere and apart from 1 day you coudl have easily used it at resort level so it depends on resort (and snow conditions) how worth while it is. However, I would probably take one for the 10 month old.

mountaingirl Thu 20-Mar-08 17:57:33

Absolutely yes!

Ellora Mon 08-Sep-08 18:40:37

Being Austrian, push chairs in the snow are common (Bugaboo do snow wheels) husband has already bought and not due for 6 months!!
Other option when you know the snow and ice in the walking areas of the resort is a baby sleigh for babies to toddlers that is common practice in Austria just pulling the child along behind you and easier to manage but no space to store anything though! You can easily see how parents manage once you are out there and I would bring the pushchair as most ski resorts clear the pedestrian areas of snow anyway!

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