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Ski wear advice please

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foofi Sun 18-Nov-07 10:26:08

None of us have been skiing before. Am keen to keep the cost of ski wear as low as possible. What exactly do we need, where would be a good place to buy it from, and what's fashionable/unfashionable? Any advice gratefully received!

JackieNo Sun 18-Nov-07 10:33:32

Don't know how good the stuff is technically, but Tchibo has some well-priced things atm for women and children, and for men. But I've never been skiing, so no idea what you'd need.

LIZS Sun 18-Nov-07 10:36:52

TK Maxx have loads atm and Tchibo still have theris , both good quality and practical. If youa re near a Decathlon their Quecha brand is also inexpensive. You'll need jacket, salopettes or ski trousers or all in ones for preschoolers. Underneath longsleeved cotton roll necks and/or fleeces (supermarket ones are fine) as layers depoendign on how cold it is, lightweight thermals tops and leggings. Proper socks are a must to cushion against tight boots, gloves , hat and I'd recommend a fleece neckwarmerto keep the wind chill out plus googles and sunglasses. Bright colours are making a comeback but you can't go wrong with black/navy/grey based combinations with a coloured jacket.

Some online suggestions here and here. hth

foofi Sun 18-Nov-07 10:40:01


LIZS Sun 18-Nov-07 10:51:00

oh and H and M had some nice kids ski wear last week. Jackets were about £25

Hamax Sun 18-Nov-07 12:01:28

I have a bag of vests, roll necks, hats and gloves in various small sizes, would fit age 2-4. If they would be of any use? I'm only looking for postage to be covered.

hatwoman Sun 18-Nov-07 12:08:46

ebay is another good source for kids stuff - lots of stuff worn once or twice before they grow out of it. ask round as well - people are generally really happy to lend kids stuff. It's very frustrating to have stuff knocking about that only gets worn for a week a year and then they groww out of it after two.

the other approach is to do what we've done now rate of growth has slowed - which is to but a decent ski-jacket for the kids but no other coat - no need for a "normal" coat and a ski-jacket. not when you're 5.

foofi Sun 18-Nov-07 21:59:03

Thanks Hamax, but my kids are older!

stringbean Mon 19-Nov-07 15:54:44

H&M is good for children's skiwear - jackets about £25 and salopettes about £15. I would avoid the really cheap end of the market (eg. Asda); you get hot when you're skiing and the cheaper clothes just mean you end up getting very sweaty and then cold.

Children usually wear safety helmets, but will still need hats for sledging/going out in the evening; goggles and sunglasses are a must (you can't wear sunglasses when it's snowing), as are decent skiing gloves or mitts. You'll need boots for wearing about in the snow (walking boots are fine for adults as long as they're waterproofed); kids need insulated boots - wellies are not sufficient - and you can get these in the resort if you can't find them here. Proper ski socks are a must too. Oh, and sun block is vital!! Also make sure you carry a packet of tissues in your pocket - my nose always runs when I'm out skiing!

I wouldn't worry about what's in fashion. I still wear a one piece suit I bought in about 1994, and it's still going strong!

debinaustria Wed 21-Nov-07 11:20:39

Also look out for skiwear in Lidl and Aldi

LIZS Wed 21-Nov-07 13:23:14

Tchibo had the whole range out today , looks decent quality . Adult jacket £45, younger kids jacket/salopettes set £19.50

maltesers Thu 29-Nov-07 14:33:58

Always take plenty of long thick socks unless you have a washing machine to use.. i ran out of clean socks first trip....poooooh. Also thermal leggings and vests are vip especially if you feel the cold. yes and tissues for runny.nose.... very good point Stringbean !!

MrsBadger Thu 29-Nov-07 14:56:04

tchibo ski socks are absolutely fantastic - wear a pair of normal socks underneath and they'll last two days before they honk

MrsBadger Thu 29-Nov-07 14:57:56

actually Tchibo thermals are good too (I wear long thermals, tshirt, fleece, trous, jacket, hat scarf

the microfleece gloves you sometimes see in Gap are brilliant to wear under proper ski gloves

kittylouise Thu 29-Nov-07 15:05:06

Wear lots of thin layers, i.e. 3 tops, with your ski jacket on top. Otherwise you run the risk of getting alternately hot then freezing cold.

Cheap ski jackets available in TK Maxx and they are pretty cool, sometimes (as always in TK Maxx it's like rummaging in a jumble sale!). Make sure the jackets you buy have an elasticated inner bit, saves snow going up your back when you fall over (and you WILL fall over!!). Try a local sports shop because you can hire ski gear (even though it might look a bit groovy, don't worry, there are hundreds of people who wear awful things like luminous pink all in one suits, you won't stand out!. And hiring will save you a fortune)

Buy loads of ski socks. They get soaked, you can't really wash them in the bathroom sink as they will never dry in time. It is not nice wearing sweaty ski socks 3 days in a row! You will soon know what I mean when you smell the boot rooms!

The best gloves you can afford. For little ones mittens are better, as they keep the fingers warmer. It will ruin your day to have cheap, wet gloves!

A fleecy hat is paramount. Also, I also found that I much preferred yellow tinted glasses/goggles as opposed to black ones. Yellow ones help you see the snow much better when it is cloudy.

Don't bother trying to look glam and take high heeled boots to wear in the evening. You will slip on the snow and hurt yourself.

Lastly, don't go straight from the slopes to the bar and then out in the evening, go home and get changed first. You will start dancing in your ski boots and then (a) look a prat and (b) cripple your feet to extreme.

Have a wonderful time!!! There is nothing better than skiing holidays!!!

kr11 Tue 09-Sep-08 22:45:05

Message withdrawn

kr11 Tue 09-Sep-08 22:47:16

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berabear Wed 10-Sep-08 13:12:44

Hiring can be a good thing to do first time, if you're not sure whether you'll take up skiing . Quite a few ski wear shops hire out salopettes, jackets and snow suits that way you only have to buy/borrow gloves, thermals, hats etc . If you decide that skiing is for you, then you can quite often get reduced ski-wear at ski resorts and in sales at UK Stores. Hope this helps.

DrGeorge Fri 12-Sep-08 18:05:17

We get most of ours from TK Maxx - noticed ours had some womens skiwear in this week - you can get some really good quality stuff quite reasonably.

Agree with the layers idea - thermals are really useful, our kids spend all the evenings running around just in their thermals! You will need sunglasses or goggles - I managed for 2 years with only sunglasses but last year on a snowy day really struggled and had to buy some goggles out there. Hat essential.

The one thing I wouldn't skimp on is good gloves - again you can get these from TK Maxx.

tessb Mon 06-Oct-08 18:38:55


I am a mum to 2 young children and first few family skiing holidays were a bit fraught till got used to what was needed and where to go. We set up a website which is full of advice and what to pack and family friendly hotels and resorts. Other mums have emailed tips and places they have stayed too so have a look.

Also if you have been to family friendly resorts please email - all advice even where not to go - is really helpful

DadInsteadofMum Tue 07-Oct-08 20:13:24

Make sure everybody in party has a sunblock lipsalve for frequent reapplication - my kids (5 - 11) all have theirs on a bit of elastic

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 08-Oct-08 14:40:11

All the above, plus take several pairs of ski gloves for the DC because they get wet and lost, and I always take two pairs of ski trousers for the boys so when they get wet toboganning in the evening, they have dry ones to put on to ski next day.
Also, not strictly ski wear, but put on WARM boots in the morning, not cold - ie leave in warm place overnight. I had several days of agonising cramps before someone advised me not to put on cold boots - immediate fix and no recurrence.
I also recommend taking 'deep heat ' or similar in case of muscle pain - i bought in Franve, much more expensive than takling equivalent from Superdrug and having when yuo need it. Also, water bottle for the DC in theri rucksack, can get hot and thirst, and mini ( snack size) chocolate bars.

DadInsteadofMum Thu 09-Oct-08 10:52:59

Oh - and if you have little ones (under 7) then get elbow mitts, they can't cope with the gap between glove and cuff.

serin Thu 09-Oct-08 20:21:12

Skiwear4less has some unbelievable bargains at the mo and TKmaxx has tube socks 2 pairs for £4.99 and V. good quality!

tessb Thu 23-Oct-08 11:32:31

Message withdrawn

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