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Cervinia recommendations for me and ds14 please

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balzamico Mon 08-Feb-21 20:54:17

I've always skied France in a group on a chalet. As our half term is odd n Feb 2022 it looks like it might be just me and ds which we're perfectly happy with but I thought it might be the opportunity to go to Italy in either a flat or a hotel. I've heard Cervinia has lots of cruisey red/ blues which sounds ideal but wondered if anyone can recommend accommodation- where to fly to etc please?
We can but dream!

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SkiYetiMagic Tue 09-Feb-21 09:53:52

Hi yes would def recommend Italy, I find it hard to go anywhere else now! It would be especially good compared to France for half term as it should be less busy and cheaper too. They are also really family focused and spoil the kids :-)

Turin is prob the best airport for Cervinia. I know EasyJet and BA fly there but I think lots of other airlines do too.

I've not been to Cervinia but have done plenty of other Italian resorts if you are considering a few options. From Turin Claviere would also be a good option (big ski area) or Bardonecchia. Also Pila is great for progressing lower intermediates as nearly all the runs are nice long reds through the trees. Its not such a big area (75KM's) but plenty for the level you are looking at.

balzamico Tue 09-Feb-21 10:15:55

Thank you that's really helpful. I know what I'm doing booking France but didn't know where to start with Italy!

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sleepwhenidie Tue 09-Feb-21 10:23:29

We ski in Serre Chevalier which is just over the border so virtually the same destination.. Turin is closest and very easy drive of about 1hr 20 but flights usually v expensive. You could fly or get train to Lyon but then the half term traffic tends to be horrific with everyone heading from all over France into the same narrow corridor into the mountains via Grenoble. I would highly recommend flying to Marseille. It’s a longer drive but more pleasant than Grenoble route and without the traffic so usually much shorter time taken (and less risky with snow as you don’t have the same high passes).

sleepwhenidie Tue 09-Feb-21 10:25:49

Sorry just saw your half term is odd so Turin flights may be ok. If you do consider flying or train into Lyon just check French half terms because it may still be very busy due to that - not an issue on the slopes/resorts however.

Africa2go Tue 09-Feb-21 10:37:17

We've been to Cervinia a few times and would recommend it. We've flown to Geneva and driven (really easy drive and there is a public car park in the end of the little town, its payable but not expensive). As others have said, Turin is closer (just over an hour away but I don't know how much transfers would be - probably cheaper than France).

Yes to cruisy blues and reds - also easy to get over to Zermatt for a day (my 6yr old did it with no issues on her first ski holiday). My teenagers love it too - pizza and gelato, what's not to like?

We've stayed in AirBnBs (family of 5, works out cheaper), can't see the ones we've used but something like this BnB or if you're looking at hotels, have a look at Hotel Europa. We didn't stay there but ate there and it looked very nice and is a great location.

Weirdlynormal Fri 19-Feb-21 15:25:28

We've been a couple of times. 1 - Hotel Dragon - slightly rough and ready but staff were excellent 2. Club Med.

Club med is excellent for the extras for food/drink etc. Not so good IMO for the lessons.

Great intermediate resort, but the wind in Feb can shut the lifts. It's very very high

Weirdlynormal Fri 19-Feb-21 15:26:13

In Feb I'd head to the Dolomites I think.

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