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Half term 2021

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Mumtothelittlefella Tue 29-Sep-20 19:38:59

A little way off I know but after missing out this year we (stupidly!) booked to go to Austria in Feb half term next year. We booked in Feb when we thought all this would be a storm in a tea cup...

We’re going with Crystal Ski for the first time who so far have been great. However, we’ll soon need to pay the balance and we’re in two minds whether to pay or move the holiday to 2022.

Who knows what the situation will be like by then. If we were staying in a chalet I might feel more comfortable but we’ll still be queuing and sharing lifts etc. Right now I don’t feel comfortable about staying in a resort hotel, especially with two young DC.

Is anyone else having similar thoughts?

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SpringerJS Tue 29-Sep-20 19:46:57

We have decided (reluctantly) not to book for this season. Maybe I’m being pessimistic but I just couldn’t imagine the ski season going ahead as normal. I presume there would have to be distancing in cable cars / lifts etc for instance, which would mean it would take hours to move around the mountain. If things improve we might look at Easter holidays, where we can be outside more for meals and so on, but who knows?!

Mumtothelittlefella Tue 29-Sep-20 19:51:34

I really wish we’d not booked so early. You’re right, it’ll take so long to move about, although the slopes will be quiet!

Easter is early next year so that’s actually not a bad alternative. We’ve never been at Easter before, I’m not sure what our resort is like later in the season. Will take a look.

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SpringerJS Tue 29-Sep-20 20:21:04

We found Easter great with kids (if resort is high enough) - the days are longer and you can sit in the sun at a bar at the end of the day! Picnic lunches etc also possible at that time of year. Fingers crossed it will be possible?!...

abricotine Wed 30-Sep-20 12:03:48

I think there will be fewer skiers and longer waits, it’s true. But I prefer that to no skiing or feeling they are careless with covid risks. We have also booked as we do every year and will decide in December. For us quarantine is the big risk. If that is still in play at the end of the year then I would be more likely to move my booking to half term 2022 and then try to book very late notice if things look possible in Feb/March.

bestbefore Fri 02-Oct-20 08:26:10

Have a look at the "rules" for Austria or for the ski resort you're going to (where?) and see what they might be happy with them?
We've always gone every year for 26 years and I can't imagine's all so unbelievable still

Iamblossom Mon 05-Oct-20 10:06:15

I came on here to ask exactly the same thing of all of you.

We have booked for Italy next Feb - we booked early as wanted exactly the same configuration of holiday as we had this year (minus Storm Dennis of course, what a shag that was), same hotel which is very popular, same flights etc etc. However, I agree with PP that even if the resort is open, social distancing measures will mean they stagger the lifts, making queues even longer, we won't be able to just pop into any mountainside restaurant or cafe, or in resort bar or eatery, the restaurant in the hotel will be all socially distanced affecting the atmosphere and all the fun things they did last year (staff were epic, did a dance for us on "Cowboy Night" etc, so funny).

The hotel also has a pool, sauna, steam room etc, can't see any of that happening.......hmm

I have until the 6th December to cancel and lose £200, but think I might find out if I can bounce it by a year......

massistar Mon 05-Oct-20 14:38:17

We've booked a private chalet for 20 of us in Italy at half term. Like a PP we ski every year, sometimes 2/3 times and I'm not ready to accept it might not happen yet!

GregariousMountains Mon 05-Oct-20 14:47:57

We skied in Vermont last February. Haven't booked anything for next Feb, I just can't see it happening, hoping if the snow lasts might get somewhere last minute for easter but too much of a risk to book in advance

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