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Parking in Courchevel

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kookaburra Wed 12-Sep-07 21:17:36

We have booked to go @ Feb half-term - currently booked to fly - but as I hate flying am contemplating driving. Has anyone driven there are are there any covered car parks?

MrsTweedy Wed 12-Sep-07 21:23:36

I think there are in 1850, though I don't know how you'd get details about them. Why not take the train? We're going on the train at Feb half-term to La Tania. Which bit of Courchevel are you staying in?

NAB3 Wed 12-Sep-07 21:24:57

I went years ago with the family I nannied for. It is very nice.
The family hired a car to collect us and take us to our accomodation but other people had their own cars.

MrsTweedy Wed 12-Sep-07 21:42:31

Look here this should help. Have you asked the ski company you booked with?

mummydoc Thu 13-Sep-07 11:59:32

the flight was so quick Kookaburra - try asking your gp if you can have a very low dose of sedative to take edge of nerves, or last year the coach stopped at Moutiers train station to pick people up off the snow train , last year our coach followed a uk audi tt convertible up the mountain , Dh and I looked at it and sighed - maybe one day when the kids have stopped leaching all our cash smilewe are still ocnsidering coming out at 1/2 term - how old our you dc? are you using magic in motion ski lessons and the kids club or are they too old for that type of thing?

kookaburra Thu 13-Sep-07 14:03:33

Many thanks for the suggestions - very useful!. Re the sedative - the bit I hate is the queuing and the hassle @ Gatwick and then the hassle with the bus and then getting up before you go to bed on the return journey grin- am not nervous about the actual being in the air.
I like the idea of the train, but with the two DC (DH not coming this time) the luggage might be an issue (and I still hanker after those days pre-kids when we just jumped in the car and drove to a resort (never did that @ half-term tho'!!!! grin). What has put me off the trip alone with the DC before is that if i get injured would be a probelm getting back - but DH assure me he will fly down and drive us back if necessary - isn't he sweet wink
As I detest packing I like the idea of just chucking the stuff in the car. We are going with Crystal Finest (as recommended by mummydoc - thanks!!!!grin) so not sure who the lessons are with - I have booked them thru' Crystal because the DC (8 & 6)will be rusty after a year off. (Actually not quite a year because we went to Norway last easter but not very challenging terrain there.)
Might be be fun to have a mumsnet lunch at a mountain restaurant - sounds like there could be quite a few of us there!

MrsTweedy Fri 14-Sep-07 12:01:52

Luggage on the train hmmm....the days when I take my own skis, boots & Going Out Clothes on holiday are well over! We pack very light and only have 1 bag each on wheels so it is do-able. However you do always end up with backpacks full of toys & food etc, but I would much rather do that than drive all that way on my own.
We'll be booking with ESF again, though the friends we are going with are using Magic in Motion.

mummydoc Fri 14-Sep-07 15:14:50

magic in motion were great with dd last yr, crystal finest use them as they organise the kids club / nannies around the lessons - so if oyu booked with then kookaburra , i guess that is what your dc are doing. i am gogin to decide this weekend about 1/2 term, do you have boys or girls ?

kookaburra Fri 14-Sep-07 16:27:54

mummydoc - I have two boys who will be 10 & 8 next Feb (not 8& 6 as i wrote below for some reason...). We have had four ski trips in the last year (not intending to do that again - just had a good bonus and decided to splurge on that to get them into the swing of it) so they are better than me now - I am hoping to do the ski-guiding with crystal if it is available - did it last feb with Ski Esprit in La Rosiere and was excellent fun (a bit faster than I woul have chosen but only because I had got ito a comfy rut of skiing a few easy runs then stopping for a hot choc & read of my book..) - Crystal - their webste refers to it in some resorts.

mummydoc Fri 14-Sep-07 16:32:09

am so jealous at 4 trips !!!! we have taken dd twice and she skied at snowdome every weekend, so very much better than me already . there was ski guiding last year by our rep - who was young, fit and very pretty, but dh not quite up to required standard , he is hoping for this year though, the othe guests seemed to think it was good.

mummydoc Fri 14-Sep-07 16:33:36

btw your skiing rut sounds like mine - skied a few nice long easy runs , pulled in at the hotel bar for a coffee at about 11:30 and never left the comfy chair until supper time!

kookaburra Fri 14-Sep-07 18:49:56

Muumydoc - just looked back at your orignal thread (had forgotten which chalet we booked as is not on the invoice). Discovered lots of good stuff I had forgotten re their excellent telephone booking system and customer service (love the idea of getting the skis delivered - the trip to the ski shop is always my bugbear on ski trips.. now summer hols over really loking forward to the trip. DS1 will have taken three school entrance exams` in three weeks before the feb hol so we will be deffo ready for it!

mummydoc Sat 15-Sep-07 20:02:39

poor lad, is he having to work hard already ?

kookaburra Sun 16-Sep-07 16:55:54

No - he is not being tutored, so if he gets in he gets in, if not - then plan b, plan c, plan d (all the way down to little plan z, like the cat-in-the-hat grin)

mummydoc Mon 17-Sep-07 15:24:48

perhaps plan z will be send him to school in the french alps and he can become a ski instructor / cool god ( in eyes of my 7 year old ! in answer to your op - i think there was underground parking under the main lift station ( croissiette sp ?) . see you htere

LIZS Mon 17-Sep-07 15:33:17

check the tourist office website or email them ? You may be able to prebook a space , especially worthwhile if it is peak season otherwise you could end up parking in an open field !

Sixer Wed 19-Sep-07 13:45:46

We drove 5 years ago with DS who was 4 months. It took us 12 hours to drive, that was with 4 drivers non stop. I wouldn't do it again. By the time you pay for petrol, ferry and tolls you might as well fly.

Sixer Wed 19-Sep-07 13:47:38

oh and parking, we had a car park under the apartments we were staying in. I'm pretty sure there was another under cover car park, as there is a bit of a shopping centre as well.

mamafraise Tue 25-Sep-07 11:10:46

Has anyone driven from Scotland?

Sixer Tue 02-Oct-07 13:05:12

no but we are south west england, so depending where in scotland I would add 8 - 12 hours.

Nip Tue 02-Oct-07 13:10:27


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