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Alternative to MW?

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Raspberry123 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:12:20

Dear All

As a family we have been skiing with MW some 10 times. We have 2 children age 7 and 10. We would like to ski next Xmas with 2 other families (each have 2 kids aged under 10). Can anyone advise alternatives. I have tried Neilson but they dont have much evening childcare (only 3 nights a week). And Esprit's reviews seem a bit hit and miss. Any other options please? We usually go to France.

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katieviney Mon 24-Feb-20 10:26:39

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AndyMurraysCat Mon 24-Feb-20 10:27:21

Ski Famille?

Raspberry123 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:17:53

Thankyou. Club Med is probably beyond our price range (though I have heard the food is very good!). We are limited on timing as one of our party is a school teacher (the rest of us are irresponsible parents ;-)

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SkiYetiMagic Mon 24-Feb-20 11:30:15

I would second the Ski Famille suggestion they are a great company for family ski with childcare included.

Youhedge Tue 25-Feb-20 21:58:29

Ski total in a smaller chalet/chalet hotel

Alwaysannoyedaboutsomething Wed 26-Feb-20 10:54:26

With children that age I would give up on the evening childcare - all you need is a chalet/smaller hotel where you can just put them up in a bedroom with a film while you are finishing dinner/hanging out in the bar. We’ve done this since ours were 7 and 9.

We used to do Esprit but our children grew out of it and we find we can now get much better value for money by doing this.

In the daytime we use a ski school with 4 hr lesson, pick up kids at 1.30, lunch together the. Either all ski or just sledge etc in afternoon.

Saving money on the wraparound childcare means we can afford much nicer accomdation!

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