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Skiing as a mixed friendship group with kids

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TeetotalKoala Sat 18-Jan-20 11:23:57

We were discussing the possibility last night of going skiing as a group next year. A mixture of novices, middling and experienced skiiers. Plus two that aren't interested in skiing but would like to come along (and could get on board with the whole apres ski thing). There are 4 DC in the group who can ski.

Has anyone done a trip like this before and do you have recommendations please? It would preferably be over New Year or at Easter. Goes without saying that skiing is expensive, but we would like to keep it reasonable (in ski terms).


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PickleSarnie Sat 18-Jan-20 14:54:52

Group ski holidays are the only holidays I can handle going as a group with other families tbh. Everything is so geared around a specific activity that there aren't any arguments over what to do that day.

We go at Easter. So long as you go high (we've done Tignes, La Plagne, Les Arcs and Alpe D'Huez and all were great. Alpe D'Huez potentially more risky due to its south facing slopes but we went that winter the Beast from the East hit so there was actually an afternoon the slopes were closed because of a blizzard!) Easter is slightly cheaper and great with kids because it's not so cold and dark. And you can sit out in the sun at lunch. You do have to contend with ice in the morning and slush late afternoon but if you stay high up in the afternoon you only need to deal with the slush on the final home run.

massistar Sat 18-Jan-20 16:40:58

We've always gone in big mixed groups. Anything from 18-40 people!

I'd say go catered chalet if you can. Means kids can chill together, have early tea whilst adults have a beer and then littlies can get put to bed whilst older ones can watch movies etc.

Tough on the non skiers. But might be ok if there's 2 of them.

Book flights early as possible, get on Chalet Solution Forum and put in your requirements and see what comes back.

stringbean Sat 18-Jan-20 20:50:07

Yes, we usually do this - group of family/friends and mixed ability - and it works very well as everyone is there for the same purpose. We've never had the budget for catered chalet, but book our own self-catering apartments, either in the same block or within easy walking distance. It means we can agree a meeting place in the morning to ski together, and then either get together at the end of the day for a drink/meal or do our own thing.When the dc were younger it meant we could take turns looking after them and didn't need to pay for childcare. We go at Easter to Tignes Val Claret; the upper part of the village is compact and everything within easy walking distance, and is high enough to be snow-sure at that time of year.

Panicovereveryone Sun 19-Jan-20 08:39:14

Agree that skiing in a mixed group is great. Always someone to ski with and do different things. We are all quite relaxed in our friendship group though. If I went with 2DH’s to do a particular slope and my DH went to jump off a cliff with one of the other DW (thinking of my crazy friend), this wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve gone off for the day with CF2 (crazy friend 2) and left DH with other friends. Kids mix and match too. If everyone wants to ski together, that can be an issue in too big a group.

I don’t mind opting for skiing with a beginner, or maybe afternoons, but I wouldn’t spend my whole week on blues because someone won’t ski a red or the odd black. I’d be bored, but I’ve seen the odd meltdown from the ‘abandoned’ DW.

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