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Advice on ski holiday with a baby please!

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lauralaking Fri 03-Jan-20 13:56:57


This is the first time I have posted as I am looking for tips for going on a ski holiday with an 8 month old!
We have booked a catered chalet in central Morzine, along with family and friends. Although we have skied many times, We have never been with a baby before! My husband and I both ski/board and are planning to share a lift pass and take turns with the baby and on the slopes.
Has anyone else shared a lift pass and does that work out?
Should we take nappies/formula/baby food pouches or does anyone know if can we buy them in Morzine?
We thought one of us would ski morning the other afternoon and meet at lunchtime to swap.
Would people recommend hiring a ski locker?
We are taking a stroller that folds up, and thought if there is a lot of snow we would hire the skis that fit on the wheels - does that sound right?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!

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saywhatwhatnow Fri 03-Jan-20 14:06:51

Sounds fine. I've been with a baby a few times and would recommend you take formula and maybe a few pouches and snacks for when out and about, but the chef in a catered chalet is usually (in my experience) happy to prepare a few simple baby meals and finger foods. Nappies you can buy easily in the chemists. There are some excellent ski nannies/agencies that you might want to consider for a day or two if you fancy the chance to ski together a couple of times.

Expressedways Fri 03-Jan-20 14:17:16

I wouldn’t be too vocal about sharing the lift pass. It’s not allowed but unless something has changed since I last skied Portes de Soleil it’s just registered as an adult pass (no name or photo) so the chances of them catching you are practically zero. I still wouldn’t tell any resort staff you’re doing it though!

I’d get a locker if your chalet is a way from the slopes so you have an easy change over.

Take your formula as French brands are different, baby food you should be able to get in the Spar shop but no idea how close that is to you and it will be costly. Chalet staff should be able to provide some mashed veggies for you if you ask but I’d plan on taking pouches from home for when in restaurants. Nappies I would also take- I never used to but then couldn’t find DD’s size in one ski resort and had to put her in too tiny nappies whilst we wait for the shop to restock!

I wouldn’t faff with trying to put a stroller on skis- surely you’d have to take them off every time you crossed a road or got to a clear section? Morzine isn’t that high either, there’s unlikely to be drifts of snow in the village. I’d probably take a baby carrier/sling in case you can’t push the stroller.

LIZS Fri 03-Jan-20 17:13:42

Hire a sled with baby seat and take a footmuff. Only an all terrain buggy will be useful. Smoking is still very prevalent so unless weather is warm enough to be outside you may prefer to eat off mountain. Take a basic med kit for baby and lots of layers.

Caspianberg Sat 04-Jan-20 08:02:57

You can hire a pram with large wheels in Morzine from several ski shops or the kindergarten. I would call and book one of those tbh, a folding stroller won't go anywhere if fresh snow.

You know they have creches in the main nurserys in Morzine also. I would see if you can book baby in for a few mornings childcare. they will have toys to play with, other children and get taken for a walk. Then you and DH can ski together.

Coldfrostymornings Sat 04-Jan-20 15:34:05

We have just come back from Morzine with a 2 year old and an 8 week old. We went with family. Took nappies and formula with us. We took the children to the mountain, they didn't need lift passes. We took a cheap pushchair with us which the 8 week old stayed in. Took pushchair up the gondola with no problems. We took it in turns to stay with the children in a bar at the top of the gondola. 2 year old played in the snow. You could hire pushchairs to take up and lots of people went walking up the mountain with pushchairs. Was easier to manage than I thought it would be.

Rodent01 Sun 05-Jan-20 22:12:34

Was in Morzine a few years back with 4 year old and 4 month old. Bus up to Prodains to meet the group for lunch was a winner once 4 year old was finished at ski school. Used sling mostly, worth taking buggy for airport etc even if only used then. Big Super U or Carrefour or whatever it is in the centre for food etc, but if in chalet then breakfast all sorted (porridge / eggs / yoghurt) , could ask the chalet host for pasta / other bits for baby tea that you can heat up at 5ish so you just need lunch. I’d 100% take formula though.

Fun times!

TrickyD Thu 09-Jan-20 18:27:50

Last January we went on a family ski trip to Arc 2000. DGS, then 18 months, developed a bad cough and breathing difficulties.The upshot was that his DPs had to take him down the mountain, rent an apartment, and his DM had to take him home by train, not plane. Thank God for insurance!
His DPs were advised that the altitude was the cause, his lungs could not cope. We are off on Sunday but to a resort at 1400 metres, rather than 2000, and hoping he will be fine. Morzine is 1000 metres, so you should have no such problems with your 8 month old.

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