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Good cheap brand for mens short ski pants

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rookiemere Sun 15-Dec-19 17:31:18

Need to get DS 13 ski pants for Feb ski trip. He's 5ft5 and isn't slim so Decathlon won't work as the adult sizes are too long. I don't want to spend much as I expect he'll grow again before the next ski trip. Had thought about hiring if that's a possibility. Any suggestions please ?

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AuntSpiker Sun 15-Dec-19 17:33:22

Aldi? We've tested their stuff at minus 35 degrees and it was fine!

rookiemere Sun 15-Dec-19 17:35:05

Thanks but thought Aldi only had ski gear in for a couple of weeks ?

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LIZS Sun 15-Dec-19 17:37:53

Trespass or dare2be

rookiemere Sun 15-Dec-19 18:18:20

So they have M available Aldi online but would only work if they aren't too long for him.

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superram Sun 15-Dec-19 18:20:00

Decathlon trousers are changeable as they have drawstring legs.

rookiemere Sun 15-Dec-19 18:24:25

Oh I didn't realise that superram

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NearlySchoolTimeAgain Wed 18-Dec-19 06:21:35

Consider women's trousers - both of my DSs have trousers designed for women. You might get the size without as much length.

rookiemere Wed 18-Dec-19 07:31:05

Nearly that's a good idea as it's round the bum/tum area he needs a bit more room so women's ski pants may help

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NearlySchoolTimeAgain Wed 18-Dec-19 11:29:11

Providing they're not pink I don't think anyone could tell the difference.

I have some lovely ski trousers from Aldi that have some stretch in them. DS1 is wearing my North Face pair until he grows out of them!

dameofdilemma Wed 18-Dec-19 14:05:39

The best we found were online from the 'shortskishop' website (for adult ski trousers).

Before that we'd tried Decathalon, Mountain Warehouse, Snow & Rock - all didn't fit and some were also poor quality.

I'm 5ft and finally have ski trousers that fit after 15 yrs of looking!

rookiemere Wed 18-Dec-19 15:30:54

Oh I've actually book marked that website dame and there are a pair that aren't too pricey, but I'm hoping things go down in the sales as I can see him only using this pair for 2020 skiing.

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Volluto Wed 18-Dec-19 17:42:59

Great value - dd got hers for £20. And they have adjustable leg length which is great.
They do online delivery. I find their sizing on the small side.

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