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Aparthotel or apartment with pool?

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Diorissimo1985 Fri 06-Sep-19 15:32:42

I'm looking at going to France in early Jan with DH and DD(2). We would ideally like an apartment to have more space and room to relax in the evening after DD is asleep.
So I thought an apartment would work well but I really want a pool and ideally a bar/restaurant on site or very close. It seems these don't exist?
Has anyone come across this befor and could recommend? Hotels with interconnecting rooms seems like an expensive option and I would like the option to self-cater occasionally.

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rookiemere Fri 06-Sep-19 19:57:16

Yes Mmv apartments in Montgenevre and probably similar in other ski resorts.

NeedingCoffee Fri 06-Sep-19 20:32:30

Loads of apartment blocks have pools! Pretty much all the CGH ones for instance and they have places in all the major French resorts.

rookiemere Fri 06-Sep-19 21:27:24

Actually the CGH in Montgenevre is right in the centre beside the slopes and nicer looking than our mmv apartment. Great resort for beginners, food is heavily Italian oriented despite being in France, and it's an easy hours transfer from Turin airport.

Diorissimo1985 Fri 06-Sep-19 22:20:22

Sorry i should have said it definitely needs to be France as we will do ferry/drive.
Thanks for those suggestions I will take a look!

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zafferana Sat 07-Sep-19 09:32:40

Radisson Blu apartments in Arc 1950 have what you want.

Gobbolino7825 Sun 22-Sep-19 09:06:25

Pierre et vacancies have these all over the French alps. Also cgh holidays. They're great - the premium ones have swimming pools, spas, mini supermarket, creches and restaurants.

Gobbolino7825 Sun 22-Sep-19 09:08:49

If you're driving check out :

It's a really easy drive

stringbean Sun 22-Sep-19 16:17:41

Have a look at Erna Low as well: they specialise in self-drive ski holidays - plenty of the apartment blocks have pools - and the cost includes Flexiplus Eurotunnel crossings.

Wildboar Mon 23-Sep-19 17:15:41

L’amara in avoriaz had apartments for self catering with a pool.

poshme Tue 01-Oct-19 08:19:51

Flaine has SC apartments with pool.

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