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any first hand knowledge of kinderhotels

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jb3 Tue 24-Jul-07 21:35:48

Were thinking of going on winter/ski holiday for first time. Have 3,5 and 7 year old so very dubious about it. Have seen a lot of info on Kinderhotels and it looks fab and not too expensive (given as trip is a bit of an experiment) so would like to give it a go. Main worry is that english will not be widely spoken = kids not keen on activities in club = no mixing with other kids = no rest for us. Anyone stayed in any of these hotels?

LIZS Wed 25-Jul-07 12:09:58

I've known several English speaking expat families visit the one in Lermoos (Alpenrose?) so at peak European holidays (ie New Year, early/mid Feb and April) you should find other English speaking kids there.

Blewis Mon 06-Aug-07 22:26:26

Yes, we have been on 2, both in Austria - ski and summer. Brilliant service, and hotels really geared up for kids. But, yes, you may find the lack of English spoken amongst the kids of that age, although most of staff speak it, if only a little. If skiing, children may be too occupied to notice - instructors will definately speak English. If considering hotel child care for 3 year old - should have good facilities with plenty of things to make and do.
(We live in Germany with 2 boys 6 & 3 yrs)and notice that children are encouraged to be more independent than in the UK!)

lapsedrunner Thu 09-Aug-07 12:14:25

We went to the Galteburg Inner Alpbach in Feb 07 with DS(4.5). Couldn't fault the hotel, but fairly low level resort (ie. if it's another warm winter). DS speaks German fluently but DH & I don't (well, very badly ....and we live in Austria). That being said his ski intructors were British, Swedish & Dutch and all spoke English. Hotel staff all spoke english including kids club. We didn't use the kids club except for about 45 mins each evening.
There are loads of other hotels that run on the same lines as kinderhotels (Kinderhotels is purely a marketing group, a bit like Best Western & Johansens etc)so do look around. Perhaps chose a resort you can easily get to then search via the resort website for hotels that include "Kinderbetreuung".

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